Top 5 Sources for Tiny Trailer Houses for Sale NOW!

Dying to hit the open road in the tiny trailer house of your dreams? Check out these Top 5 sources for used small mobile homes for sale right now!

Top 5 Sources for Tiny Trailer Houses for Sale NOW!


Tiny House Talk offers a wide range of articles about the tiny house lifestyle in general, as well as a convenient list of homes available for immediate purchase.

4. Tiny House Listing FB Group

There is no better way to keep tabs on current buying opportunities than on social media.

This Facebook group will allow you to stay on the lookout for your dream home just buy scanning through your news feed.

3. Tiny Houses for Sale on Pinterest

Pinterest offers similar advantages to the Facebook group mentioned above, with the added nuance of a being able to plugin to a social web of people with similar interests.

Group intelligence and Pinterest’s content recommendations will lead you down the right roads to find the perfect tiny house on wheels for you.


Here you can narrow down your search by location and construction style, allowing you to easily find homes available in your region.

They also offer the opportunity to search tiny houses for rent, in case you want to go for a trial run of the tiny trailer lifestyle before laying your cash out on the table.

1. TinyHouseFor.Us

Tiny House for Us offers an excellent database of classified ads for available tiny trailer homes, which you can sift through based on construction style, location and price.

You can also create a short list of favorites, making it easy to keep track of which houses you’ve already reviewed while you take time to make your buying decision.

Bonus: The Tiny House Blog!

Make sure to sign up for our email list, and follow us on Facebook. We post listings for tiny trailer homes for sale on a regular basis, so you’ll definitely want to subscribe and keep in touch.

So, why would you want to buy a used trailer home instead of building your own from the wheels up, or hiring someone else to do it for you? Obviously, the biggest advantage to a pre-owned home is that you’ll get the best price. You’ll also be able to set off on your next adventure on a faster timeline than if you started your journey with construction. For some more insight into the build vs. buy dilemma, check out the article on how much a tiny house really costs.

If you’re an experienced builder, buying used trailer homes and flipping them for a profit after a few upgrades could become an excellent business opportunity for someone who wants to support the tiny house movement.

Your first priority should be to increase the overall energy efficiency of the structure, because when you’re hauling everything you own in a little house on wheels, space is at a premium, and energy for heating and cooling is going to be EXPENSIVE.

For tips on how you can retrofit your used tiny mobile for better energy efficiency on the open road, consider these techniques to open your house to passive solar energy.  You can also learn a lot of awesome tips on improving your energy efficiency by watching this YouTube video with tons of great advice.

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  1. FYI, the tiny house for us website is a total sham. The dude has no ties to the tiny house community and only builds websites that he sees have potential from an SEO perspective. I’ve had to contact him many many times for stealing content from my Tiny House Listings site, which is the original (and best) source for finding tiny houses for sale.


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