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Visible Cell Service is perfect for the Tiny House Nomad

My friend Steven over at Tiny House Listings introduced me to this very cool cell phone service that is both simple and affordable.

Steven has been using this plan called Visible for almost two years and I’ve been testing it out for the last few months.

I think Visible fits in nicely with the Tiny House Mindset of living more simply and saving money so you can enjoy your life more fully. Let me tell you more and you can decide.

Visible is powered by Verizon, (5G included), and get it all for as little as $25/mo. The plan has a lot to offer including unlimited data, messages, and minutes. With no hidden fees.

5 Mbps wifi hotspot.

If you are working as a nomad or are off the grid you use the Visible hotspot. You get all the hotspot usage you can handle. So you can connect your laptop via your phone’s hotspot to the internet and get right to work.

24/7 access to human assistance.

Visible doesn’t have stores, but they offer you access to their care team via chat, at any hour. I know from personal experience that this works great. Any problem you have while setting up, just jump on a chat via your computer and they will figure it out.

Easily sign up, and keep your number and phone, or change both.

You might even be able to activate the service in less than 15 minutes through eSIM.

The standard price is $40/mo. However, there are two ways you can save and bring your monthly fee to $25 and even $5 if you consistently bring on a friend.

1. Join as my friend (Kent Griswold – photo above)


If you join as my friend you will get your first month for just $5.

Join here:

Then you have the option to invite your own friends and/or start your own party pay plan.

2. Party Pay


Meet the Visible version of a “Friends and Family” plan. Cut your service costs to $25/mo when you join or start a Party with at least 4 people. Parties have no limits on participants, so invite away.

Join my party called “Griz” using this link:
You can then start right off at $25/mo

I highly recommend Visible and encourage you to try it out.

~Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)

Stephen working remotely

Steven using Visible to work as a traveling nomad

Stephen using Visible to work at his tiny house

Stephen using Visible to work at his tiny house

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