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Organic Farming, Yoga, and Self-Care in a Rented Tiny House

There is no need to invest in a hundred acres of land or a $100,000 tiny house to start your own organic farm. Yoga teacher, musician, and sustainability educator Siri Lorece does it all (and a lot more) from a rented tiny house in Southern California.

Lorece’s tiny house is a rental on a shared half-acre lot in Los Angeles.

Lorece, her husband Patrick, and their son run Creative Arts Farm from their front yard. Their home is a rented 225 square foot tiny house parked near the main house. With the farm, the couple work on cultivating sustainability and education about self-care and urban farming. Creative Arts Farm holds regular free farm stands and sells handcrafted garden accessories.

Lorece grows an incredible amount of food in her front yard.

The couple began their downsizing journey in 2014 and moved from a 625 square foot, two-bedroom cottage into their current home. The tiny house rental is partially off-grid with a Solar Extreme Charging System by Go Power!

The tiny house is tucked behind a garden filled with vegetables such as tree collards and herbs. Lorece even grows fruit such as pomegranate and passion fruit. In addition to gardening, Lorece is passionate about advocating healthy living and black-owned businesses. When not gardening she teaches online yoga and runs a podcast called Kinda Hippie, Kinda Hood.

Along with sustainability, Lorece also teaches online and in-person yoga.

Creative Arts Farm is currently running a GoFundMe campaign for the future of the farm and an eventual purchase of land to expand the farm. Learn how to donate and support the farm at the Creative Arts Farm GoFundMe page.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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