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Tiny houses come in many different forms. They may be on wheels, they may rest on a foundation. Some even reside as water in the form of a house or a boat.

In this month’s issue, our cover features Tiffany and Charles Butler’s home on the water. This is part two of their story (see page 17) and if you missed the first part be sure and read last month’s issue.

Living tiny and simply are just two of the things you deal with while living on the water. Tiffany says you can look at them as drawbacks or take a more positive approach.

A tiny house (or boat) living is often romanticized and the harsher reality of it can be an unpopular subject. In her article, Tiffany goes more into what it’s truly like to live so close together and the challenges that go with it. In addition, she discusses learning about DIY plumbing to prepare their home for the winter.

“Let’s Go. Are you ready?” might be the perfect title for the Butler’s story. We all have a “let’s go” list in our minds but might not act on it. Stories like this should inspire us all.

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