Modern, mobile Living Vehicle has innovative secrets

With experience living in and remodeling Airstream trailers, it’s no wonder Matthew Hofmann’s Living Vehicle is so shiny. However, what looks more like a mix between an aluminum food truck and an airy city loft contains some cutting-edge details for off-grid, low-impact living.

The Living Vehicle is designed by architect Matthew Hofmann.

The Santa Barbara, Calif. based architect’s new product is a trailer designed for full-time and sustainable living. The Living Vehicle is a 215 square foot contemporary home designed to sleep six people. It has a kitchen, dining area that converts into a bed, a bedroom and tiny bath. It even has an additional bed, called the Euroloft, hidden in the ceiling above the dinette that can be lowered down for additional sleeping.

The interior features a dinette that converts to a bed…

…and the Euroloft that descends out of the ceiling.

What sets this design apart from your typical RV are the smart technology and space-saving details. In addition, Hofmann designed the entire vehicle for full-time living rather than for recreation.

To start, the exterior of the Living Vehicle has an eight foot, spring-assisted, aluminum deck that folds up onto the side of the house. The deck covers a sliding glass door that leads into the living and kitchen area and has a shade that covers the entire deck.

The house has a simple interior and innovative exterior options like a trash chute.

The exterior of the Living Vehicle also has what is called the electronics bay. It holds the batteries and inverter for the solar system, fuses, and breaker panel for easy outdoor access. The propane tanks are kept inside a locked exterior compartment that is vented. Both the propane tanks are on runners for easy access. While the interior has a roomy shower (with a pretty skylight) the exterior also has an outdoor shower.

The indoor shower features a skylight.

And the bathroom has a foot flush toilet and heated towel rack.

One of the most innovative parts of the Living Vehicle is the trash and recycling chute. Garbage and cans are dumped down a shoot on the inside and go into a hatch accessed from the side of the vehicle.

The Living Vehicle also features a 100 gallon fresh water tank…

…and a skylight over the main bed.

The Living Vehicle starts at $149,995.00 and is certified by the RVIA so vehicle financing can be used to purchase the home.


Photos by Living Vehicle

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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