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Tiny House Community: Places with No Building Codes

One of the barriers to owning a small home is regional legislation against houses under a certain size. If you want to build it yourself, or live in a place that isn’t exactly conventionally constructed, then your options can be even more limited. Worry not, because the Tiny House Blog is here to help you […]

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Cracking the Code – A Guide to Building Codes

cracking the code

I receive many emails regarding tiny houses and building codes. This is a very difficult subject because every location is different. However, up to this point there has not been a good resource to send people to show them how to go about the process of getting answers in their local area. Ryan Mitchell of […]

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Tiny Homes of Maine and the State’s New IRC Codes

Most people are familiar with the state of Maine for its beautiful coastline and decadent seafood. Now Maine can be famous for being the second state to adopt the IRC Tiny House Appendix V. In 2018 the state’s building codes have an addition that includes construction guidelines for tiny houses. The standards include defining a […]

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