Janet Thome and Developing Global Building Standards for Tiny Homes

Ethan and Janet have decided to pull back the curtain and discuss this subject on his podcast.

Janet is the Founder, President, and Treasurer of Tiny House Alliance USA and is currently leading an exploratory initiative to develop new global building standards with ASTM.

Janet does a great job of explaining what ASTM International is, what standards are, how they would impact the tiny house building industry, dwellers, DIYers, not just in the United States or North America,

This is really an exciting effort that could effect the entire world and tiny houses. More people need to get involved.

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In This Episode:

  • What is ASTM and what do they do?
  • Codes vs Standards and their effects on everything
  • How ASTM works and who is involved
  • The stakeholders that are involved in the global building standards effort
  • Making sure that codes and standards don’t conflict
  • The ICC and their relationship with tiny homes
  • Could tiny houses and cannabis have some things in common?
  • About Janet’s tiny home village

Links and Resources:

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