Canadian Tiny Home Build

One of my favorite things to do over the years here on the Tiny House Blog is to share your tiny house story or journey.

Rowena from Canada contacted me the other day and shared a note about their journey and a few pictures. I’m hoping this will give you some inspiration this fall to follow your dream as well.

A little bit about us:

Our names are Rowena and Zachary, a young, nature and adventure-loving couple living in Ontario, Canada. We are in the final stages of building our mobile 8’x30′ Tiny-Home on wheels.

Our plan is to move into our tiny home around Christmas time this year, with our dog and our two cats. We are planning to take our tiny home trailer on an adventure across North America as soon as life permits.

Our build:

We began our Tiny-Home building project in August of last year. We purchased an old scrap travel trailer made in 1985 for a very reasonable price and began to gut it out. Initially, we only planned to renovate the inside, but after seeing the condition of the wooden studs holding up the walls, we had to reconsider our plan. 80% of the structural support was rotted away, and a colony of carpenter ants had taken up residence and were having a grand old time living on the floor.

But that didn’t discourage us. We decided to tear the old trailer down to its base and start fresh. The metal base was in excellent condition, so we began to build a Tiny-Home upon it. All through the cold winter, we continued to build every weekend, in -40 degrees Celsius weather. We built all through the spring and summer, working to finish our tiny home.

Now autumn has arrived, and we are in the last stretch of our beloved building project. Every day we are getting more and more excited to finally be able to live in our Tiny-Home with our tiny family.

Thanks to:

Jeff, Steve, Todd, Bev, Roz, Warren, Shane, Jenny, Ezra, Rebecca, Brianna, Kaitlyn, and many other amazing folks. Friends and family who made accomplishing this dream possible.

You can follow us on Instagram @our_little_tinyhome


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