Tiny House in a Landscape

This is the first weekend in October and the feel of fall is in the air, I thought this picture was appropriate for this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape.

It makes me want to take a walk down this trail and than stop and sit on one of these benches and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the setting of this little house.

The leaves are turning color and starting to fall. What a great way to spend a day!


by Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)

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Randy - October 4, 2009 Reply

Oh, my gosh, I agree! What an incredible scene this is. I can almost soak it up just looking at the photo. This photo is particularly interesting to me because the little house is actually a “spring house.” Inside is a spring where refrigerator items are kept cool. You can see the fenced spillway before the output of the spring goes under the road to unite with the larger branch/creek. I haven’t seen one of these or reference to one in 20+ years! It’s an incredible Fall photo but it’s also an interesting slice of Americana. 🙂

Christy - October 6, 2009 Reply

This is my favorite picture by far!!! I could look at it all day long!

Anonymous - August 1, 2010 Reply

What a beautiful picture!!! It reminds me one of those beautiful ladsncapes Thomas Kinkade would paint- Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

td - November 16, 2011 Reply

yes it’s beautiful but….

I’d call it a tiny house on a floodplain.

Julie - December 14, 2011 Reply

Where is this located? We are thinking of building off the grid. I’m looking for inspiration.

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