Wanted: Home for our Custom Woody Teardrop

by Lynn & Don Ventura


Our “tiny home” isn’t your standard, however, it is a “tiny (temporary) home!” My husband and I built our custom woody teardrop (Benroy model) three years ago and have enjoyed every minute since. We can’t go anywhere without sometimes literally hundreds of folks coming by to check it out! In August we took it, with our 1951 Chevy pickup, from Florida to Michigan, Canada, & New York and even shared it with a bus of Japanese tourists in the Shenandoah National Park on the way home! (Needless to say they’d never seen anything quite like it in their country and had to take pictures of it (and us) to take home.)

woody teardrop

While this is based on the original, it has modern upgrades including:

  • 5’x8′ base to accommodate a queen size air mattress
  • door on both sides for easy ingress/egress
  • open/close windows complete with screens
  • custom square tube frame for durability
  • larger tires than typical with “store-bought” frames
  • outlets/lights inside & out
  • wired for TV
  • A/C (hidden in the trunk on the tongue)
  • completely oak wrapped, including fenders (regular metal fenders underneath for durability)
  • etc.

Unfortunately we are now moving on and need to find it a good home with someone who will treasure it the way we have.

interior teardrop

We live in Central Florida, just west of Daytona Beach in the little “town” of Barberville.


Check out our blog showing how it was built! http://dlvent-teardropper.blogspot.com/

Oh yes – the price! $6,000 and I’ll cry all the way out the driveway! We really have enjoyed it that much!

interior 2


kitchen closed

oak covered fender

teardrop and truck

Aqualodge Houseboat for Sale

by Stephenie Hollyman

I have been living tiny now, floating, in fact, off and on when not teaching internationally. I have a 35 foot by 12.5 foot 2006 Aqualodge houseboat I am now selling in Miami, Florida. It just came out of the shipyard with a freshly painted bottom and sterling survey. It’s tied up at a marina in Miami Florida where the buyer could probably continue to live aboard as long as they call themselves ” year round cruisers.” It’s a wonderful way to live.

I am sadly selling it for $52,000 as I am moving to California. I have owned it for 3+years.

You can contact Stephenie via her email for more information: blazingcontent [at] yahoo [dot] com

Learn more about the Aqualodge here: http://www.catamarancruiser.com/id16.html

Aqualodge houseboat

living room

living room wall


living area/kitchen

dining room



Florida Cracker Cabin

by Brian Cobble

I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and enjoy the pictures and stories of little houses… I thought I would share one of my own…

I was able to find an affordable (and remarkable) private lakehouse for rent on property that bordered the farm, and realized that I needed a storage solution for stuff accumulated over the past 10 years. One of the problems I had found in the past, is that every time I purchased a tract of land, I felt a need to have some sort of a structure on it, and always built the structure in a permanent manner on the property that had just been acquired.

floor plan craker cabin


Also, with my modest budget, the only way to aquire bigger tracts of land, often meant selling the smaller tracts, once they had been partially developed. The solution was to construct a portable building, in a way that was rock solid, yet still able to be transported. My solution is included in these photos. Continue reading