Tiny House Festival Season is HERE Again!

14 Events, 100+ Tiny Houses AND a Whole Lot of FunNot that long ago, experiencing a tiny house in-person was a rare occurrence. Today is flourishing era for the movement, brimming with small grass-roots, regional and national event opportunities. The next six months are jam-packed with tiny home festivals, and they … Read more

A Tiny House Love Affair

John and Fin Kernohan recently joined us on Tiny House Expedition Radio for a lively conversation on falling in love, living tiny and creating one crazy fun tiny house festival series. Fresh off the hugely successful Florida Tiny House Festival, John and Fin are more love in with tiny houses than ever. They just … Read more

A Tale of Zoning Happily Ever After

Groundbreaking Zoning Ordinace for Tiny House Communities Once upon a time in the small, forward-thinking city of Rockledge, Florida, some of the most progressive tiny housing zoning ordinances in the entire US of A were approved, in record time and with great ease. You see, the forward-thinking City Manager had an eye … Read more

Tiny Houses Meet Park Homes At Recent Shows

Recently at several RV and sportsman shows throughout Florida Chariot Eagle RV Park Models of Ocala, Florida had a park model/tiny house hybrid on display. Needless to say it was drawing quite a bit of attention. It seems a proper fit since Chariot Eagle is one of the top producers of holiday … Read more

Cubicco Cabana

For anyone living in hurricane prone areas of the U.S., a new prefab company is designing and building units just for you. Cubicco designs and builds various sized units that can be attached together to create a larger building, but the one that is attracting attention is the tiny Cabana … Read more

Wanted: Home for our Custom Woody Teardrop

woody teardrop

by Lynn & Don Ventura Sold! Our “tiny home” isn’t your standard, however, it is a “tiny (temporary) home!” My husband and I built our custom woody teardrop (Benroy model) three years ago and have enjoyed every minute since. We can’t go anywhere without sometimes literally hundreds of folks coming … Read more

Aqualodge Houseboat for Sale

Aqualodge houseboat

by Stephenie Hollyman I have been living tiny now, floating, in fact, off and on when not teaching internationally. I have a 35 foot by 12.5 foot 2006 Aqualodge houseboat I am now selling in Miami, Florida. It just came out of the shipyard with a freshly painted bottom and sterling … Read more

Florida Cracker Cabin

floor plan craker cabin

by Brian Cobble I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and enjoy the pictures and stories of little houses… I thought I would share one of my own… I was able to find an affordable (and remarkable) private lakehouse for rent on property that bordered the farm, and realized … Read more

Tiny Living House for Sale

ADVERTISEMENT Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders located in DeLand, Florida is selling his latest tiny house called the ‘Tiny Living’ design. The ‘Tiny Living’ design consists of a large family room with vaulted ceilings and large dormers on either side of the room. The entryway in situated at the … Read more

Jacksonville Tiny House

Marc and Trudi Boese and their bright yellow 115 square foot house were recently featured in a video and an article in the Florida Times-Union. Their decision to live more lightly on the land was influenced by a trip they took around the U.S. in 2009 in a biodiesel car and a handmade trailer. They are also living smaller for their new baby daughter, who is due in August.

The couple built the house on wheels on an acre of land in Florida that also houses several chickens and their vegetable and fruit garden. The house contains a small kitchen with a sink, microwave and fold down table, a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a small TV room with a couch, and a sleeping loft. The baby’s crib will be placed in the kitchen next to the dining table. They also have a workshop for tools and a prefabricated shed for some boxes of clothes and books. The TV, refrigerator, water pumps, air-conditioner and LED lights are powered by solar panels.

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Moss Tiny Houses

From the earliest time man has needed shelter from the elements. From the early explores to the brave American pioneers in their canvas covered wagons, in search of a better life, to today where many face uncertain economic times. With the housing bubble popped and foreclosures on the rise, many are looking for a simpler life and freedom from heavy financial burdens of a large mortgage, property taxes and ever increasing insurance premiums.

My name is Kitty Moss and I’m very excited to introduce you to our new company Moss Tiny Houses. We are located in North Central Florida and we will be the first builders in the Southeastern United States to provide a high quality, affordable, alternative, product that is not only beautiful but also very environmentally friendly.

We are a small family owned and operated business. For the past few years we’ve been talking abut building a tiny house on a trailer and our dream is finally coming true. My husband Jeremy, his father David (a licensed contractor) and his brothers Scott, Terry and brother-in-law Adam, have been building houses in Florida for many years. We have built large scale custom homes, and now we are turning our efforts and talents into building “Tiny Houses”. Our houses are built with the higher standards that you would find in larger square footage homes. We endeavor to put the comforts of a modern home into our tiny houses. We use high quality materials that will stand up to the elements and can handle moving your tiny houses.

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