First Time Homeowners and their Fun-Size Tiny Home

Meet Kothney-Issa and Marek, a young couple loving their brand-new tiny house. They moved from a large loft apartment to a 24′ home on wheels. For them, downsizing didn’t mean sacrificing on the important things to them, like kitchen counter space and head room. Marek is 6’ 5”!

As Marek puts it, the tiny house feels even more comfortable because it’s theirs; homeownership just feels better. They are now one big step closer to their long-term financial goals. In just a few years time, they will have their house and credit card bills paid off. In the meantime, they are loving their new space. Home is more than just where they park it in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s simply being together. And for Kothney-Issa, a “fun-size” living experience means more quality couple time.

Step inside Kothney-Issa and Marek’s “fun-size” tiny home, built by Cornerstone Tiny Homes. It is completely charming, just like its owners, and 100% tall man-friendly. Full of creature comforts, their 24′ tiny house features a king bed, huge kitchen, 55″ TV, 2 closets and stackable washer/dryer.  For more details on Cornerstone’s 24′ Vincente tiny house on wheels model, click here.

Watch the Full Tiny House Tour:

-Alexis Stephens, Tiny House Blog Contributor

My partner, Christian and I are traveling tiny house dwellers. Together we’ve been on the road two years for our documentary and community outreach project, Tiny House Expedition. We live, breathe, dream the tiny home community every day. This is our life and our true passion project. We are very grateful to be able to experience this inspiring movement in such an intimate way and to be able to share our exploration with all of you.

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