Curiously Exploring Hoarders ~ with Matt Chan

You’ve heard us talk about downsizing here on the Podcast. Hopefully you’ve learned a bit about organizing, how to get ready to live in a tiny space, and about how to prioritize experiences over life. This week, however, we’re donning the “other shoe” and interviewing someone with experiences in an almost-alternate-world that hopefully you’ll never have to live to see; Hoarding. Our discussion this week with Matt Chan, creator of the famous TV show “Hoarders” gives us a peek into the world of emotional connections to things, how TV shows can actually help people with this addiction-like-connection to their stuff, and a glimpse of the pressure that one has to handle while producing a TV show. Is your pile of stuff in the garage something to be concerned about? Is your Grandma’s obsession with ceramic dolls, an illness worth addressing? We’re not sure. But, maybe Matt’s advice this week can help you assess whether or not a tiny house, or a not-so-tiny dumpster, is your next stop towards living simply.

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