Build and Park Your Tiny House on Lake Okeechobee

With more people looking around for locations to park their tiny house, more private RV parks and resorts are opening up their doors to accept them.

Gracious Tiny House Park allows full-time tiny house living on the water.

One of these parks is Gracious Tiny House Park in Okeechobee, Florida. Not only does this park allow for long-term tiny house parking, they also allow home owners to build their homes on the premises. One of their residents built her tiny house at the resort and now lives there. Her build photos and videos can be seen on their website.

The park has sites for up to 40-foot long tiny homes.

The rates are really reasonable as well. The park has 25 spaces available for tiny homes and offers both 30 and 50 amp hookups for $350 per month. Their waterfront sites are only $400 per month.

The resort also has a nature trail and waterfront gazebos.

The park’s amenities sound just like the perfect vacation. Not only is the resort located on the edge of the largest lake in Florida, they also have access to a nature trail. Other amenities include waterfront gazebos with picnic tables, a fish cleaning station, and boat docks. The entire resort is fenced and they allow friendly pets.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

3 thoughts on “Build and Park Your Tiny House on Lake Okeechobee”

  1. Wow! Only $400.00 a month plus utilities and other costs… just to park a tiny house… to live in a tiny house that you have to build or buy… and pay for that also. Such a deal. Tiny house living is costing more and more every year. I thought the tiny house movement was started as a way to live cheaply and to save money. That concept didn’t last very long.

    • There are still ways to do what you suggest. Purchasing your own land and doing the construction yourself. People are still doing it but the other side is happening as well.

      • Florida is not exactly Tiny House friendly so to know there is a nice spot to live legally in a THOW is good news. I know of no place else you can live waterfront in Florida for $400/month! I think it’s a beautiful spot and I thank you for the post! Thanks for keeping us informed, Kent!


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