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Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Tiny Space

One of my favorite things about the tiny house movement is there is no one right way to design/build your space. Simply put, what works best for you is what is best for you. Each space is customized by your specific priorities and lifestyle needs. Based on these factors, you decide what square footage is […]

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Blossman Tiny House Powered Totally by Propane

Blossman Gas is the eighth largest propane company in the United States and they have just built a 152 sq. ft. tiny house powered completely by propane. The house was developed as a propane education tool and is now on a 73 store community tour in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. The […]

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Tiny House Drafting

We just wanted to share this cool link we came across today. It is the Icovia Room Planner on the Urban Barn website: http://www.urbanbarn.com/the-make-room. Although we are not too familiar with the either company, the website room planner allows anyone to draft up a room, apartment, or even a tiny home for free! You can […]

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