Vintage Tiny House Kitchen on Ebay

Kim one of our readers noticed today that there’s a great kitchen unit on Ebay that would fit perfectly in a tiny house– it’s made by Dwyer, a US company who’s been building tiny kitchen equipment for decades.

They’re mighty expensive new, but old ones occasionally show up on Ebay for a song. Kim bought one for a mother-in-law’s apartment in their old house a few years ago- it worked perfectly despite being about 40 years old (cute and retro). This one’s much bigger but has a 4-burner gasstove and oven– all you’d need for actual living in a tiny house.

Retro Kitchen Unit

To check it out go to the Ebay listing here. The Ebay item #270277912624.

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Michael - October 29, 2008 Reply

LOVE IT! It’s cool that back in the day they made kitchen units like this. We had one in our old cabin that was a bit bigger and had no built in stove. When we renovated we replaced it with cheap cabinets… what were we thinking!?

This Tiny House - October 30, 2008 Reply

Wow, what a great eBay find.

    Karen - January 25, 2012 Reply

    It must have been sold. The link above is a dead end.

Judith - April 23, 2009 Reply

Most interesting, now check out the Boffi Norbert Wengen K4 kitchen for the modern version! I have one at The LuxPod and it makes a beautiful piece of furniture when not in use.

    Kent Griswold - April 23, 2009 Reply

    Thank you Judith, that is really neat, I’ll need to do a little more research and do a post on it as well…Kent

      Sonny - January 2, 2010 Reply

      Kent, The King manufacturing co. used to make a unit like this that I put in a cabin maybe 100 years ago,”seems like a100 years ago” anyway. Thanks Sonny.

Will Boesewetter - February 12, 2010 Reply

I had one of these in my dorm room in college years ago. It was the perfect small kitchen for 2!

Alice - October 3, 2010 Reply

Go to and do a search for combination kitchen or kitchenettes. They sell 3 different brands “Acme, Summit or Avanti”. They give you variations on gas or electric stoves and you can determine the size, with or without upper cabinets. You can even get it with a microwave, under the counter coffee maker, with an oven and bigger refrigerators…why buy used when you can buy new and get what you want. As soon as I save enough money, one of them is coming into my little 12X20 cabin.

Marie - January 28, 2012 Reply

They’ve got another vintage Dwyer compact kitchen in excellent condition listed on ebay — only 2 days left — wish I lived nearby, I’d be bidding!

tom - March 29, 2013 Reply

i just got a Dwyer 5-footer with 3-burners. I can’t find any specs for the oven. There is a badge on the front of the sink that says it is model ECOR-S but google is not finding any info on it. Does anyone know voltage or amps? Any suggestions?

    tom - March 29, 2013 Reply

    model number might be E6OR-S or EGOR-S. There is a badge on the refrigerator but I seriously doubt the 120V 2.2 amps includes the oven and stove load.

Kayla - July 14, 2013 Reply

I have the exact same one in my basement I have never used it so I’m not sure it works (I imagine it would though).

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