Buck’s Tiny Houses Include Appliances and Furniture

Built in a protected 300,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, Buck’s Tiny Houses is not your typical tiny house builder or company. When purchasing one of these homes, you will also receive full-size black or white appliances to go along with it and built-in or included furniture.

Both models and custom designs are available.

Photos by Buck’s Tiny Houses

Buck’s sells tiny homes on wheels that range from 196 square feet to 363 square feet, but the company also takes orders for custom designs and sizes. The Base Models include the 196 square foot Yellow Pine with 99 square foot loft with all appliances and furniture included. Another Base Model, Blue Ridge, includes a downstairs bedroom with bed, pull-out sofa and even a washer and dryer. Each of the models include at least one or two lofts, full bathrooms and plenty of storage.

Custom options include interior and exterior paint color, paint color for interior elements such as cabinets and shelves, furniture color, hardware and counter colors. The home can also include various heating options including fireplaces.

Bucks’s is open for tours and design consultations.

Some models and designs include main floor bedrooms with sliding doors.

Several models include one or two lofts.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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