New Tortoise Shell Design

Yesterday I went to the Tortoise Shell Nursery to see Bill’s new design that is currently under construction. He is building a larger Tortoise Shell Home that may be the sweet spot as far as size is concerned.

This Tortoise Shell Home is based on a 26 foot trailer base, and has a shed style roof. It will include a full size bathroom, a kitchen, living area and a small bedroom.


Bill is using green components such as bamboo flooring and energy efficient appliances. He will be using both sheet rock and pine tongue and groove on the walls. Cedar siding and windows in the raised roof for additional natural lighting.

The price range will be between $26,000 and $30,000 depending on finish.

This home should work great for a couple, with 208 square feet, I think this home has great potential. I will be visiting again in the near future and will give you updates as Bill completes this home.

Visit the Tortoise Shell Home website and if you think this home might work for you, be sure and tell Bill that you were referred by the Tiny House Blog.



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Michael - May 5, 2009 Reply

Nice. Will the big open area on the trailer tongue side be a porch or something?

Kent Griswold - May 5, 2009 Reply

That is the bedroom area, with the raised roof in the drawing above. It is still being constructed and temporary wall in the front to give it stability at this time…Kent

Stephanie Reiley - May 5, 2009 Reply

Kent, by “shed-style roof” do you mean gambrel? Just curious what it’s going to look like when it gets its outer shell on.

Kent Griswold - May 5, 2009 Reply

Hi Steph – No a flat angled roof like in the drawing at the top of the post. Really two angled roofs one going each direction…Kent

Benjamin - May 6, 2009 Reply

I never saw a turtle that looked anything like that.

EJ - May 6, 2009 Reply

Is bamboo green?

Its replacing native forests
It grows fast
Its not local, but shipped across oceans
It needs lots of glue to hold together
Its made into flooring in many steps in factories rather than in sawmill followed by planer
Can bamboo flooring be recycled?
Does it need irrigation?
Is it invasive?

I’m not certain that plain old, local, carefully harvested lumber isn’t as green. or “greener”.

Does anyone know of a good life cycle analysis of bamboo?

    Kent Griswold - May 6, 2009 Reply

    Good point EJ. I know Bill is looking at making a green product and is doing research into it and there is a fine line in what is green and what isn’t, thanks for pointing this out.

Darrell - May 6, 2009 Reply

I use Firefox, and when I go to their site, it’s all scrunched up. Everything overlaps and it’s impossible to read. I tried with Opera and It did the same thing.

Kent Griswold - May 6, 2009 Reply

Hi Darrell – I passed your message on to Bill and he will look into it. It looks ok in my Firefox and Safari, so not sure what is going on…Kent

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Paul - May 7, 2009 Reply

Wow great house. It shows great promise. I would love to purchase one. It’s to bad that Bill from Tortoise shell homes has not returned any of my phone calls…..

    Kent Griswold - May 7, 2009 Reply

    I passed your message on to Bill, he has been out of the office quite abit lately so may have missed your messages.

Dave - November 28, 2009 Reply

This is the Tortoise house I have been waiting for. I hope this model will become part of their product line, it just the perfect size for me and my wife. So we will be waiting anxiously.

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