Tiny House Living – Issue # 5

Today, the fifth issue of Tiny House Living arrived in the inboxes of subscribers. This is a weekly newsletter that goes out that summarizes some of the top stories in the tiny house and simple living world. This week Do-it-Yourself from the Small Living Journal is one of the subjects, Nine Tiny Feets new design, Tiny Texas Houses video, Narrow Boats and much more. So read Tiny House Living today.


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Annie L. - May 17, 2009 Reply

I’ve been reading about these “tiny homes” with much interest, and have noticed a couple of things that I’d like to suggest for maximum space. First, rather than have a standard entry door that swings in or out, why not utlilize sliding doors, glass, french, or whatever, much like Japanese sliding doors? Also use “pocket doors” that slide into wall spaces for areas like bathrooms, where privacy is a must. By using these types of doors, you don’t have to worry about the wasted space to open your door.

Another suggestion; not all of us are as spry as we used to be, but love the idea of a loft and hate the idea of a ladder. Going back to Japanese designs, why not use a “step chest” or “kaidan dansu”, a set of stairs that have drawers, cupboards and little shelves tucked in them? They would take up just as much space as a ladder, but utilize the space more efficiently, and climbing back and forth to a loft would be so much easier!

Caito - May 25, 2009 Reply

I think we were the leading edge in the Tiny House movement without knowing it. 30 years ago we inherited the tiniest house I’ve ever seen. It was originally meant to be a little house, but as your finances permit, you’d build a larger home on the lot and turn it into a garage. Well, we decided to take the “Garlow” concept a step further and build a green house on the lot, then convert our little home into a garage as was first intended. We still intend to…once the real estate market comes back to life..whenever that is…Two of us live in about 500sf very comfortably. It’s super efficient, and since our home has 10ft ceilings, it doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all, but airy and spacious. We take advantage of vertical storage and space and clears floor space which can easily look crowded and cluttered. You get used to pruning your possessions and being happy with a whole lot less.
We were thought of as weird in the early 80’s when we “super-insulated” our house to save money on fuel, and took other what is now “green” measures to make our little box efficient as we could. And, when you live in such close quarters, you have to remain friends. In fact, it has to be the ultimate tool for increasing intimacy in a couple. If you get in a fight you don’t really have anywhere to go unless back to each other. As a matter of fact, I think you can really enjoy a large house when you’ve spent time in a tiny house.
So if and when we build the beautiful big house, we still enjoy living in a Tiny House! It’s an adventure, let me tell you.

Patrice - July 30, 2009 Reply

I have already checked Tiny House Living website and I find it very interesting when it comes to different interior house designs. Thanks for sharing.

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