Mike’s Unique Tiny House

Mike's unique tiny house

Pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich, gives a tiny house tour of his self-built 225 square foot labor of love in the middle of his 40 acre snow covered property near Truckee, California – and tells us how being closer to nature gives him his most creative decisions.

Several years after leaving the competitive snowboarding world, Mike decided to go completely off the grid. He sold his house, and after five years he managed to build his own off-grid home in Truckee, California with no internet, no indoor plumbing, and no traditional electricity. He has one fireplace that serves as his stove, furnace, and water heater. He says that living the way he does, away from the chaos of the city, allows him to slow down and be more in sync with nature.

Mike says that nature, and his desire to be close with it, was the ultimate inspiration for his decision to live off the grid. The sun is his main source of heat during the day. One wall of his home is entirely glass, which absorbs sunlight and heats the entire house. He built a chairlift on his property that let’s you ride up and down the mountain, taking in the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. There’s even a water source close enough that allows him to have a hot tub off his back deck.

This home represents Mike’s childhood dream. He built it from his own inspiration, his own design, and with his own two hands. To him, it’s more fulfilling than anything else he’s accomplished in his life.

Rob Greenfield’s Teeny Greeny House

Rob's teeny house

Last week someone shared Rob’s tiny house with me on Facebook and I wanted you to see and experience it. I’ll let Rob take it from here.

Here’s an update to my off the grid, tiny house life, in the city! I live here without a bill or debt to my name and life is splendid. I grow food, live on rainwater, compost, harness the energy of the sun with solar panels, practice a near zero waste life, and ride my bamboo bike around town.

My last video left a lot of unanswered questions so here’s a new video that answers a lot of them and gives an update of all the change I made to the place! It’s just hard to cover everything I’m doing in under 10 minutes but this video will answer questions like: where do I shower?, what about city code?, who’s land am I on, and do I pay rent?

I’ve made a lot of improvements over the last month. Every week the place is more beautiful and more self sustaining.

You can follow Rob and his life at http://robgreenfield.tv/

What Do People Really Think of Tiny Houses?

chris and merete tiny house

A recent article has been circling the internet that features my friends Christopher and Merete at the front of the story. It is called DEAR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN FANCY TINY HOUSES – Do you ever wake up wondering, “I’ve made a huge mistake? It is a must read and is featured over at Medium.com.

Christopher says on FB: “Alright everyone, we have to share this one simply because everyone we know is sharing it with us! For the record, we think it’s fun and funny and snarky and even more hilarious that our own faces ended up as the cover image. (Also for the record, our tiny house is not very fancy.)

I’m curious to hear what your friends and family say and think of you when you tell them about tiny houses and your dream to live in one? Please share your reactions in the comment section below and I will pool them all together for a future blog post so that every one can read them.

Please share below and also be sure and click here to read Lauren’s thoughts.

Mirth Lodge

Roof Lineby Collin Vickers

Thomas Kortkamp, wildcrafter and woodworker extraordinaire, is living the Porous Life in Mirth Lodge, his ever-evolving tiny home and time capsule.

A permaculture food forest grows in the heart of Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, where an ongoing experiment in ecological living is underway. There you will often find Thomas Kortkamp smoothing a length of local walnut with an old fashioned hand plane, or sculpting a massive bowl-like-object from a hunk of mulberry wood. Inspired by the circular roundhouses of the ancestral Mandan people, (Mirth Lodge is a punny take on earth lodge) Thomas set out long ago to build a home in which he could live while maintaining a respectful relationship with the place he inhabits. His chief inspiration was Gary Snyder’s masterpiece: “A Place in Space,” in which Snyder tells the story of his home in the Sierra Nevada, with walls that could be opened to welcome the wilderness in. Snyder’s lifestyle is known as the Porous Life, characterized by permeable barriers between the untamed natural world and the carefully contrived microcosms we construct for ourselves. Continue reading