Getting Ready to Go Tiny? How to Downsize Room by Room

tiny house
This is a guest post by Jenn Baxter (, a Tiny Transition and Downsizing student and now tiny house dweller. Jenn began her journey in the Tiny Transition and Downsizing course, and now lives full-time in her very own (very cute!) tiny home!
Today, she’s going to share her experiences and her tips for downsizing.
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I’ll let Jenn take it from here! Continue reading

The Boxtruck Boyz

Boxtruck Boyz

Guest Post by Cody Updegrave

Living in New York City, I was surrounded by the ideals of ownership, power, wealth, and change. You can find anything you want in this world, as long as you can pay the price. The one thing that isn’t in abundance here, yet costs you an arm and a leg is space. I was forced to work in very particular areas, where as an artist certain studios and companies flourished. However, to live in those areas was nearly impossible. I would have to live 45 to an hour away in order to pay an affordable rent. One of the areas I worked in often was an industrial zone called Bushwick/East Williamsburg. Here I saw delivery trucks, big rigs, and commercial vehicles on a regular basis. The idea of building out one of these vehicles began to manifest more each day as I came to realize that some of them never moved, due to a law allowing commercial vehicles to forgo the parking laws. Therefore, I could build a house and leave it right outside my studio or workplace, and never worry about racking up fines. I also could take my home and move to another area at any moment, without breaking an leases or contracts. It was actual freedom, in a city that forces you to live inside a certain system. Continue reading

It’s Not The Size Of Your House

 It’s not the size of your house, it’s how you live your life.

All of us in the Tiny House Community are familiar with and in some way intrigued by the idea that we don’t need a big house or a fancy car to be happy. It’s not about the house. It’s not about all the things, or lack thereof, that we put in them. To me, it’s about a state of mind. It’s about a practical way of living life that focuses on experiences, not things.

I live in a tiny floating home that is just big enough to carry my family and the belongings that make me happy. What’s nearest and dearest to my heart fits inside this 300-sf boat and I can take it all with me wherever I go. Continue reading

The Cicela Family Story

Frank and Elea

by Collin Vickers

Frank Cicela, father and aspiring entrepreneur, has moved with his family from a $200,000 house in the suburbs to a $20,000 tiny home in rural Missouri so that he can start a revolution!

Did you know that it only took 66 years for us to progress from the first flight at Kitty Hawk to landing on the moon, and that the entirety of the Wright Flyer’s first airborne journey could have fit inside the external fuel tank of the space shuttle? What a testament to our creative power! Continue reading