Big Improvements in a Tiny Space

SAILRITE cushions-30

In a tiny space, comfort is very important. We can use lighting, paint, temperature, texture, furniture and fabric to help achieve a level of comfort that suits us best. I may live a much more simple life than I did before but I am still a homebody and I still value the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I am home, no matter how big it is. Despite the downsizing I did two years ago to before moving onto the boat, I retained a good amount of my favorite things that help to make my home feel more comfortable.

Since living aboard this tiny floating home I have definitely had a stronger desire to do more DIY type projects. The fabric on the cushions in my main living space was very tired and desperately in need of replacement. A project like that could cost thousands of dollars if I hired someone to do it for me. I thought to myself, “If I do the work, I could save so much money!” Now, keep in mind, I hadn’t sewn anything since 8th Grade Home-Ec, but here I was convinced that I could figure out how to make new cushion covers for my salon? Ya, right… I had no clue where to even begin. There were so many different ideas I had about how I could make my space a little softer and a little more welcoming but I think this was the biggest eye-sore of the room at the time. Continue reading

A Caribbean Makeover


Meet Varuna, a 1968 Allied Luders 33 sailboat that was miraculously brought back to life just two short years ago.

Once a derelict and unwanted little mess of a boat, the unthinkable happened on July 5, 2013. Matt and Hillary Wilson bought her with a bright and cheery vision, and a little determination.  Piece by piece they turned Varuna into a tiny floating dream home! Continue reading