The Man with the Million Cabinet Apartment

by Kent Griswold on October 24th, 2012. 11 Comments
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by Jessica Tenny

I work with the guys behind YouTube’s home and design channel SPACEStv (NYT) and wanted to send you the newest episode of “Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces,” a show which profiles people living large in small spaces. Michael Pozner (former Head of Retail Development for American Apparel) and Darrick Bowoski (Creative Director at Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture) take viewers on a tour of Michael’s 500 sq ft apartment, filled with more than 50 bespoke cabinets and drawers in New York City’s East Village.

Michael and Darrick also offer two pieces of advice on how to maximize and re-discover space in any teeny apartment:

  • To find hidden spaces in any apartment, Michael says to try doing some “exploratory demo.” Hidden behind Michael’s bedroom wall was nearly 30 inches of dead space, all of which was turned into floor-to-ceiling white-lacquered storage units. “Don’t be afraid to punch holes in your walls,” he says.
  • Work with negative space. Every step of the stairway leading to Michael’s lofted bedroom is a storage drawer. Behind that stairway is a cabinet. Michael’s advice is once you find and create a new storage space, always try to build upon the negative space that’s created.

Pozner living area and loft


Pozner living area

Pozner kitchen

Pozner Achitect Sitting

Pozner Sitting

Pozner Sleeping loft

11 Responses to “The Man with the Million Cabinet Apartment”

  1. Deborah says:

    Very ingenious ideas, but the guy on the couch looks like he’s hungover!

  2. yonna says:

    Such an amazing space. I’ve seen pictures of this home floating around on the internet; so glad to finally ‘see’ it in all of its glory. What an amazing use of space. The stairs to the loft as drawers? Genius idea! The placement of the washer and dryer are great as well. One question for Michael or Darrick: The skylight in the loft area, was that there prior to the remodel, or was that something you added?

  3. Kit McDermed says:

    Very well done. The drawers in the stairs are clever.

  4. alice h says:

    Didn’t see much of it but that laundry setup next to the fridge looked interesting.

  5. Debra says:

    Yes – where did you get the clothes washer!? Beautiful home.

  6. Great ideas,Tiny houses are far more affordable than standard-size houses. Most tiny-home owners live mortgage-free.

  7. Such clever storage. I love the details that make it so personal and homely.

  8. Benjamin says:

    30″ deep hollow wall??! How did that happen? Why would anyone build a 30″ hollow wall?

  9. Judy says:

    Oh my gosh,the picture of the red barn in the video was a paint by number that my deceased parents painted together when they were newly married! Gave me goosebumps seeing it!Loved the apartment,so functional!

  10. [...] And for fun here is a link to a 500 square foot house called the ‘Man with the Million Cabinet Apartment’. [...]

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