Five Year Anniversary Winners

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Wow, what a terrific response to this milestone of five years for the Tiny House Blog! Over 200 comments telling your favorite blog posts. I just wish I could give everyone a prize, but unfortunately I can’t. Listed below are the prize winners and I am in the process of contacting everyone and will get your prizes to you as soon as possible. I am somewhat dependent on the vendors so hopefully they will work with me and expedite this process. Please look for my email and if I need a physical address please send it to me ASAP.

Here are the winners:


1st – One night in Dee’s Little House in Washington State – Colleen
2nd – Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop – Margaret
3rd – Wonder wash Washing machine – Bunny

Here is something for everyone. Tumbleweed Tiny Houses has stepped forward and is offering 30% off workshops from June 1-16 (This is for Portland, DC, Durham, HoustonClick Here.) Use the code thb5 when purchasing a workshop. They are also giving 25% off all tiny house plans from June 1-16 (Click Here) and use the code thb5years when you make the purchase.

I want to thank our sponsors and encourage those who didn’t win to check them out and use there services if you can.

Thank you again for your participation and I look forward to many more years sharing inspiration and your stories on the Tiny House Blog.

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JT - June 1, 2012 Reply

Thank you , thank you sooo much !!!
I am disabled , but once I have the Vardo plans I will try to get some friends to help me build it for the back of my truck so that I can comfortably camp in the mountains once again.
Thanks again , I really Appreciate it and I LOVE The Tiny House Blog !!!

Paige - June 1, 2012 Reply

Congrats to all the winners! Thanks Kent for five years and going strong on one of my favorite blogs.

Louise - June 1, 2012 Reply

Am I the Louise with Joy? You bet! Especially because I am the Louise with Joy that won Dan’s book! Hey, Joy, how ’bout you? Want to connect about tiny houses? I’m feeling great about moving forward with designing and building!

Paige - June 1, 2012 Reply

Omg. I just checked my emails and I am the “Page” listed with Richard for the Sonoma Shanty plans. I thought it was someone else when I left my first comment because of the spelling. I’m so excited. Thanks so much, Kent!!

CG - June 2, 2012 Reply

Well poo, I thought my chances of winning something were pretty good this time. 😛 LOL! Seriously though, congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the sponsors of the giveaway! 😉

Kriss - June 2, 2012 Reply

Congrats to all the winners! But really the real winners are the people that may go back and read some or all of the comments that were made. The reason is those comments may be what it take to get them to rethink what is needed and what is important in life.

I jokingly say I only need a home of 400 to 600 sq. feet and that’s lots of room. But I need at least 2,000 sq. feet for a hanger and shop space to tinker and play in. My passion is aviation and flying. I look at old airplanes that are falling apart, most people today see junk or scrap, I see history OUR history being lost.

My Dad has flying time in his logbooks of aircraft that you would be lucky to see a photo of but many are just foot notes in a book if that. When you forget and turn your back to the past how can you know where you are going?


    Paige - June 2, 2012 Reply

    “But really the real winners are the people that may go back and read some or all of the comments that were made. The reason is those comments may be what it take to get them to rethink what is needed and what is important in life.”

    You are so right, Kriss. I spent some time following the links to previous articles some people left in the comments. Many of them definitely have “replay value”. 🙂

      alice h - June 2, 2012 Reply

      I’ll second that! Especially on rainy afternoons when you don’t want to go outside you can curl up with the computer and check out all the stuff you might have missed or hurried through the first time.

Grant Wagner - June 2, 2012 Reply

Woohoo! I won! Thank you so much! Even though, I gotta agree with Paige. The true gift is such a great community and wealth of knowledge here. Thank you so much for the past five years, and here is to much, much more!

Susan Ruff - June 2, 2012 Reply

Am *I* the lucky Susan that won Lloyd Kahns book? I sure hope so!!! It looks like there were a few of hs Susan’s. 🙂

George - June 3, 2012 Reply

Hey Kent,

Congratulations! You’ve created a great and obviously popular website. And thanks again for putting my vardo build on here. I always find myself on your blog to get inspired for the next projects.


Bunny - June 3, 2012 Reply

I won! I’m so excited. I haven’t gotten an email yet…. 🙁

This will be my first item stashed for my future tiny house.
It is so wonderful to have a place to learn and connect with like minded people. Maybe someday I’ll be able to share my tiny house project and someone can learn from me.
Thank you so much!

    Kent Griswold - June 3, 2012 Reply

    I sent you an email Friday, maybe it got lost somewhere. I’ll send one again as I need your address to send the Wonder Wash. -Kent

Ben Funk - June 5, 2012 Reply

Hey Kent! I am not sure if I am the Ben who won or not but I’m definitely interested in the book if I was. I just haven’t seen an email yet. If the e-mail didn’t go through or you need an alternate please let me know! Otherwise, keep up the great work on the site!

Catoctin Mountain Mama - June 15, 2012 Reply

Congrats to all the winners and to the success of this wonderfully helpful blog.

Anyone used the promo codes when purchasing tickets to a workshop? I attempted to use the code and it was rejected.

    Kent Griswold - June 15, 2012 Reply

    I forwarded your comment to Bridget from Tumbleweed. She will get in touch with you and make sure the discount works. Thanks Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)

Christy Hunt - Lil Bit Brit - June 21, 2012 Reply

As a winner I just love my ebooks and am enjoying reading them.

A Little Book of Letters
Both by Tammy Strobel

Thank you Tammy

Lil Bit Brit

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