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February 12, 2019

Tiny Homes To The Rescue For Home Challenged Students

The San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School had a problem. One in three of their members – 18-27 year old opportunity youth – did not have stable housing. Many others were on the bubble, working
two or three jobs to afford the ever escalating housing prices of Silicon Valley. An education was becoming a luxury.

Tiny Homes to the rescue!

The director of the San Jose, CA. – based group, Dorsey Moore, came up with the idea of empowering the students to solve their challenge with their own hands. Implementing a specially designed learn and earn system, the students
attend school and build tiny homes under the guidance of master builder instructors. Not only are they able to get their high school diplomas but as they build Tiny Homes they learn new career skills: framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing with some discovering an interest in becoming architects and designers.

The success of the program has attracted interest from others who want to learn not only how to build Tiny Homes but also how to set up the program to empower local youth throughout the country in the same manner.

“We’re very happy with how things are going,” Moore says, “The Tiny Home Program gives our young people a brighter future, allowing them to finish school while providing them viable
career skills and housing stability, in some cases for the first time in their lives.”

San Jose Conservation Corps Members and Students Antonio and Christine
stand in front of the Tiny Home they helped build and will soon live in.
The home will give them the stability to finish their studies and learn valuable construction trade skills.

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Overzetdak - February 13, 2019 Reply

Wow! That’s a great idea. It will help the students to learn valuable construction trade skills.

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