Tour the Allswell Mattress and Bedding Tiny House

Tiny houses as mobile billboards have been used for everything from paint and building supplies to donuts. Now a tiny house has been built to showcase Allswell, a mattress and bedding brand created by Walmart. While many diehard tiny housers will see this as only a marketing ploy, you have to admit that the Allswell House is quite the looker.

The Allswell Home was custom built by Modern Tiny Living.

Custom built by Modern Tiny Living, the THOW is about 240 square feet and features a living room with a custom daybed, a full kitchen with a bar and a washing machine, and a full tiled bathroom. The piece de resistance is the dedicated bedroom that features a bed with an Allswell mattress and a glass wall that opens up like a garage door. The bedroom sits like an airy loft on the main floor.

The house features a living room daybed…

Contemporary kitchen with farm sink…

 …and enough room for a bar and washing machine.

The Allswell tiny home will go on tour to a variety of cities across the country and visitors to the home can try out the mattress and bedding. They can then order the items on-site and have them shipped to their (tiny or non-tiny) home. Discounts will be available for tour visitors. After the tour is complete Allswell will be selling the model for $100,000.

The separate bedroom showcases Allswell mattresses and bedding customers can order on-site.

The home will eventually be sold for $100,000.

Photos by Allswell

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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