Pioneer Couple Texas Style

Yesterday, we looked at a book promoting the Minimalist lifestyle, today I want you to take eight minutes of your time and watch a couple who is living this life style.

Go back to the 1800’s with a couple determined to live in solitude without any modern technology. Dick and Bonnie Cain don’t have electricity, running water, or any other conveniences on their West…

texas reporter

Thank you Robert who brought this movie to my attention and who thought you might like a look at some people who have lived a life dream for 35 years. In a 100 year old adobe home in West Texas, and thank you Texas Country Reporter for putting together such a neat story for us to sit back and enjoy and at least dream about this type of life and break away from our hectic day to day lifestyle we live in today.

by Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)

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Joe3 - September 16, 2009 Reply

To each their own definition of simplicity……………..

I’ve been to West Texas, and also lived in the desert, it’s not a lifestyle that suits my ‘minimalist’ thinking……but my, oh, my, how many and bright the stars really are !! It’s worth seeing.

Jarerex - September 16, 2009 Reply

I think the most wonderful part of the clip was the sequence involving their son. Not a child that has cut off all ties from their parents for being “crazy” in their old age, or a child that has tried to put them in a home. No, just coming out to help with the longhorn roundup. That, that is something lovely to see in today’s society.

ej - September 16, 2009 Reply

How do they grow & store food w/o electricity in the desert climate?

AlphaBelle - September 16, 2009 Reply

EJ–There were a lot of mason jars with what looked like fruits and vegetables on the counter in the kitchen. They have a stove and a pot and boiling water is all you really need to can. Also, if you salt cure or smoke your meats they can stay out for a period of time without going bad.

It didn’t say they have a well for their drinking water, but one would have to assume they do. And if that’s the case, the well would be deep enough that the water would keep quite a cool temperature. Old timers where I’m from still use their wells when the power fails to keep their refrigerated food from spoiling by putting them in airtight containers, attaching them to a rope and dropping them into the well.

April - September 16, 2009 Reply

That was awesome! How inspiring!! Would love to see more like this on here.

Joe3 - September 17, 2009 Reply

Here’s something that amazed me…considering their lifestyle:
I noticed how white their teeth were….not something I would expect from a coffee drinking couple living in the boondocks…anyone else notice that?

AlphaBelle - September 17, 2009 Reply

Joe3 — They reminded me of my great grandmother. She was a hard living woman and used to have a love for snuff (ewww) and black coffee. But she always had really white teeth. I asked my granny about it years later, and she said that it was common for women to chew tobacco or snuff back then and to keep their teeth pretty they would mix up a paste of baking soda and peroxide to brush them with. The original whitening toothpaste. 🙂

OGT - February 15, 2010 Reply

I have land not far from them. Most people catch the rain that falls in a few months from their roof and store it in tanks. A few bags of ice a month can keep anything cool. also an evaperative fridge can keep eggs/milk/ect cool enough if you dont have it in there along time. solar pannel can electrify a small fridge and recharge laptops.

sheila - August 13, 2010 Reply

These are my parents. I had a hard time convincing them to do this film clip. I guess that is what you would call it.

    Glenda Cain - February 18, 2012 Reply

    I don’t know if you remember me. I lived in Brenham and was friends with Bonnie and Dick. Would love to get a hold of them if you would pass my contact info on to them. I currently live in House Springs MO.


Pat - May 1, 2011 Reply

I would love to send Bonnie and Dick a card, telling them how they have inspired me to enjoy my many blessings. I honestly want to know more of their 35 years living as pioneers. God bless them. Pat in Georgia

Glenda Cain - February 18, 2012 Reply

I actually know Dick and Bonnie Cain and they are wonderful people. Not crazy and I wish I was living the same life. I miss them as neighbors!

Linda Lange, Missouri - February 7, 2014 Reply

How far are their nearest neighbors? Does Bonnie get lonely?

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