Family Builds a Homestead While Living in a Yurt

Six years ago, Mike, Lacie, and their three kids downsized left the city and moved into a small yurt in the country to try their hand at homesteading. Like so many people, they dreamed of living off the land and growing their own food, and with a lot of hard work, they’ve made their vision a reality. Mike and Lacie grow and raise a lot of their own food, they earn living selling vegetables from their market garden and they homeschool their kids from the comfort of their yurt.

Video and text from Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel.
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The yurt is cleverly divided into separate rooms, with a functional kitchen that has all the amenities, a living and dining room for the family to eat meals and homeschool, a bunk bed nook for the kids, and a bedroom and workspace for Mike and Lacie.

They also have a full bathroom and even a clever laundry room and closet combo! The farm is absolutely beautiful with rows of vegetables, a big greenhouse, an apothecary herb garden, goats, chickens, and a duck pond. The family grows a lot of their own food, and they also make a living with their market garden CSA (community supported agriculture). We’re super inspired by this family’s self-sufficient homestead success story and feel so lucky to be able to share it with you!

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