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September 30, 2020

Only $1000 From Van Life to Sailboat Living

Ethan talks to Dylan Magaster a 21-year-old who started a YouTube channel with only $1000.

He lived by backpacking for 6 months and then transitioned to van life where he lived for over 2 years.

Dylan then decided to move to the Mediterranean and purchase a sailboat, having only 7 days of sailing experience.

Dylan has now sailed over 6,000 nautical miles and visited over 27 countries.

In this interview, Ethan and Dylan talk about van life vs. boat life, and how to do it on the cheap.

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In This Episode:

  • The driving forces behind Dylan’s living situations
  • Honoring the commitment to yourself: Dylan’s YouTube journey
  • A few of Dylan’s favorite alternative builds
  • Aren’t vans expensive? How was he able to do it for less?
  • Some points to ponder before going tiny
  • Sailing with strangers: finding a crew and making it happen
  • How does a Repositioning Cruise work?
  • What it’s like to travel during a pandemic
  • Is there a home base in the future?
  • The story of Dylan’s boat

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