Diedricksen Brothers Tiny House Workshop Downunder

A Report by Dean Wishart

I’ve enjoyed following your great blog for a few years, and as part of my steps towards building my own tiny I attended Deek & Dustin’s fantastic inaugural workshop in Sydney late March. The tiny we built blew us all away, it was incredible to see largely recycled materials go from mere bits of wood and ‘stuff’ into a tiny skid house in 3 days. Under Deek, Dustin, Rob (Scott of Hollyburton tiny house studio truck renown) and Anthony’s expert guidance, 25 building and construction newbies learnt new skills, wrangled tools they’d never used before and flat out surprised themselves at what they could do with their own hands. One of our participants even flew in from Singapore to attend, and has since made her own tiny house mark in New Zealand – yes, she refurbished a tragic trailer into a stunning tiny, all within a few weeks of attending the course!


Deek and Dustin won us all over in about 2 minutes flat… These guys walk the talk, first there, last to leave, very generous of spirit and knowledge, no question was ever too dumb to ask, whether someone had any building/DIY experience (half a dozen did) or not.

A national TV broadcaster, SBS TV, even sent out a film crew as part of a 8 minute tiny houses in Australia report they aired a few weeks later.

The biggest thing for me from the 3 day workshop was that not only did we build a tiny, we built BELIEF.


Belief that we could do it too.

A HUUUUUUUGE thanks and recognition must go to Kat Karena, a Sydney based, one-woman force of nature who spent many months with countless late nights putting the whole shebang together.

I can only recommend people keep an eye on Deek’s YouTube channel and the Relax Shacks Facebook group for details of when a workshop will be anywhere close to their area. I’d urge them, attend, and soon… You won’t regret it. Also to learn about more workshops visit Relax Shacks website.


Here’s the blog post summarising the 3 days and some photos. We all had a blast and are looking forward to the day when the tiny movement gains the same sort of exposure and traction as it has in the USA.


I can also be found on Facebook as tinyminimalist.

North Dakota Workshop

North Dakota Workshop


Deek sent a couple more photos of the completed house.

kent australia woman inside tiny housetiny house australia for Kentkent tiny house australia dean

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