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Guest Post by Michael Raymond

I visited a hut builder in England last fall (The Shepherd Hut Company) that has been building huts for 15 years and is in one of the books on tiny houses. I’ve been following the shepherd hut movement in England for over 10 years and think that the US and Canada will have a similar interest in the versatility of shepherd huts, but may take some time to be able to support domestic builders full time.

building a hut in Port Townsand

Port Townsend Shepherd Huts was started to help spread the word about the variety of uses that huts are already doing elsewhere and developing the structural elements that will handle the more varied climatic conditions in North America. The prototype hut recently finished will be the test bed for components for possible inclusion in future huts. Our first product is a European in-wall toilet tank with wall mounted toilet. We’ll actually do a long-term test with this arrangement by installing it in our new powder room at home. We’ll continue to make periodic trips to England to meet with other hut builders.

Port Townsend Shepherd Huts has recently completed it’s prototype and will be taking orders from anyone in the US or Canada for a custom English style shepherd hut. Visit pthuts.com website.


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