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Deciding to go tiny

Deciding to go tiny is a big decision. Looking back on downsizing is pretty beautiful. We’ve learned countless life lessons, grown as a family, and began to be intentional in life in ways we never dreamed possible. Here is a look back at the 5 most important lessons we’ve learned in going tiny.

Brynn Burger lives tiny, loves big, and laughs always. Writing with honest hilarity and violent vulnerability about parenting, adulting, downsizing, living tiny, and raising an extreme child is her attempt to escape the painful isolation that comes from a life of hiding to instead connect with people who are raw and real. Check her out at

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russell - February 15, 2018 Reply

I was pushing my body to the breaking point and I knew it was time to think of what I wanted to do with my life? I knew it had to be some place warm, and not very cold in winter.I had stay in a camper on the back of my truck for a very short time , then I built a thow on a 6 by 9. Was not able to stand up due to it was only 4 feet tall but I was able to pull it with a car. Then I got a new one longer than the last. The next one was good but still not right for me. I keep ask myself what I wanted out of my thow? Eat, sleep, and bathroom. My last one is a massive it will be 28 footer with a bump out on front and maybe one on the back? That it still up in the air due to the fact I was planning to put a deck on top and my boat on the back standing up. I had 10 houses of stuff that I just gave away. I still got 3 houses of things to go. But it is not going to be just one bin of gear I keep. Tools, games. cd’s , dvd’s , books on how to do things.

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