A Girlfriend’s Perspective: Off the Grid Tiny House Livin’

The Girlfriend's perspective

I posted a video and short story a couple of weeks ago about Rob Greenfield and his life in his extremely tiny off-grid home in the city. You can view the post here. Rob sent me an update on some comments he gets on his blog and I thought I would share this post with you.

Because of my non-traditional life in an off the grid tiny house I often see comments like, “This guy obviously doesn’t have a girlfriend” or “He never gets laid” on my posts. Well let me tell you, I DO have girlfriend and she is AMAZING, and GORGEOUS, and we are SO IN LOVE! She lives a different life than I do in many ways but she loves to be a part of my not so average life. Here she shares her perspective of off the grid, tiny house livin’!
-Rob Greenfield

If you are spending time with Rob Greenfield, then you are probably spending time in nature. Rob thrives off of a simple and natural environment. I could say the opposite is also true for him, that in an artificially created environment, he is often quite uncomfortable.

I met Rob over 4 years ago and have enjoyed his company ever since. I am currently in a loving relationship with him. We both live in San Diego. I live in an apartment about five miles from Rob’s tiny home. Sometimes he stays at my place with me and often times I stay over at his home.

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The girlfriend

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cathy branscum - August 15, 2015 Reply

Loving it! Have the same situation with my boyfriend and it is beautiful!

Carls - August 16, 2015 Reply

What!? First I was a little ticked off because of the title of the article because it gives the impression that all tiny house builders are men and this “girlfriend doesn’t even have a name?” Then I read it and it’s just a pointless blip to satisfy the people that question the lifestyle by saying that a partner wouldn’t put up with that kind of living or maybe mostly Rob who wants people to know that he has a girlfriend. That’s great that she likes his lifestyle. I’m happy for them both but the journalist could have used different pronouns to make it seem less like you assume the stereotype that a girlfriend is just a girlfriend. And then at least include more than two sentences that don’t even have to do with the tiny house life.

    halcyon - August 18, 2015 Reply

    Pointless blip? I think there’s a point, as I’ve seen lots of the type of comments he mentioned. I guess people think women would never be accepting of it. So the point is that it’s not true. Did you click the link to see the entire article? It has her name and links to her webpages, too.

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