Cabin Chick: Single Mom Builds Tiny Lake Getaway

Kelley Lewis Ebert is a single mother to three small children and recently finished building her own tiny cabin on Lake Sylvan in Ohio. The 192 square foot house is currently only an off-grid weekend home; Kelley lives in a town nearby so her children can go to public school. She is selling the cabin plans (in conjunction with a charity) for only $45.


The 16×12 foot cabin features both a front and back porch and the 16 foot ceilings accommodate a sleeping loft with two full sized beds. The downstairs has an open great room, a kitchen with bar, and bathroom with a sink, standup shower, and composting toilet. The cabin sits on 1.3 acres of stunning lakefront property.





The cabin is off the grid and powered by a gas generator and will have a water pump and filtration system with water being pulled from the lake. The family keeps warm with a woodburning stove and they are building a stone hearth — the children help with small house projects.


The building code restrictions in the area had a maximum of 200 square feet. Kelley did not want to have a house on wheels, but still wanted to kept the design small. She had not worked in construction, but did have home improvement experience. Kelley hired a shed-building company to set the foundation, platform, frame the walls, and get the cabin under roof. With the skeleton in place, she was able to take the project from there.


Many of the building materials came from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Craigslist. The Cabin Chick Tiny Cabin Plans are for sale for only $45 and 50 percent of all proceeds goes toward building a school with Pencils of Promise. The plans comes with professionally drawn architectural plans, a supply list and email support from Kelley.


Photos by Kelley Lewis Ebert

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]


9 thoughts on “Cabin Chick: Single Mom Builds Tiny Lake Getaway”

  1. Awesome tiny house. I just recently bought land and plan on moving my tiny cabin to the property. What model woodstove is in your home?

  2. Good mom, even she is very young , she is able to take reponsibility and play role of dad & mom in same time, so congratulations Kelly.
    I liked your idea of cabin, it looks nice. Happy lifa with your cute childrens.

  3. Wonderfully done. Brilliant to hire out the structure work- better to know it’s right [she writes from California, land of shaky ground]. I love that your children help with making things and getting projects done: one of my best memories of time with my dad is going to the old-fashioned hardware store on Saturday mornings, and getting ‘rides’ on the huge rolling library ladder from the men who worked there while dad shopped. I also got taught a lot by these fellas: what kinds of hammers are for what, and why indoor and outdoor nails are different, and how to tell what kind of tile or shingle or what have you you need for different projects. Their wisdom holds up 58 years later. Your children have skills for a lifetime now, and your generosity in working with Pencils of Promise [] is another gift to them. A friend sent me this, thinking I’d like the cabin- and I do- but I love the story, and the story behind it. Again, Well Done. This made my day.


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