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$1,800 Tiny Camper Trailer Gives Minimalist Couple a Home

Deciding to downsize their lives, Kathleen and Greg from Capsule Tiny Footprint went from a downtown apartment to a 140 square foot camper trailer home.

For the first year of the experiment, they parked their 1969 camper trailer at a friend’s house in the back yard. They then purchased a piece of land to park on and to grow their own food.

Even though they keep their home parked most of the time, they do have the option to take it with them for adventures and travel. Their cost of living is small enough that they can afford to freelance. This gives them extra flexibility.

Kathleen and Greg have also converted a 1987 Toyota van into a camper. This is really budget-friendly and makes it easy to travel on the open road and be digital nomads.

To learn more watch the video below.

You can also follow them on Instagram and on their blog.

Thanks to Exploring Alternative for this video and story. Follow their Youtube channel here.

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