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If a Moroccan tent and a trailer had a baby, and that baby went to charm school, it might look just like the Opera. The Opera is manufactured by the Netherlands-based Your Suite in Nature (YSIN) and was designed after the Sydney Opera House. The trailer travels around as a nondescript pop-up, but then transforms like a swan into an elegant and luxurious camping space.

The Opera has been designed for people who don’t want to tow around larger, heavier campers or fifth wheels,  but still want comfortable amenities while still enjoying the outdoors. The Opera offers what most camping tents don’t: two electrically adjustable beds that can be transformed into one, a private ceramic toilet and two sinks, a 36 liter (9.5 gallon) top-loading refrigerator, a 30 liter (about 8 gallon) water tank and water pump, LED lighting and even a teak veranda. The Opera also has a boiler that supplies warm water to the outdoor kitchen and the exterior shower, hot air heating, two cupboards, and a wine storage cabinet as well as baggage and clothing storage.

The unique and compact outdoor kitchen is multifunctional and stylish. It has two modular elements that can be configured into a piezoelectric 2-pit stove, piezoelectric gas barbeque, charcoal barbeque (stainless steel only) and beech wood cutting board. It folds up to fit into a kitchen cupboard. The tent portion of the trailer consists of an inner layer made of cotton and an outer layer made of polyester weave canvas. It folds out with the use of three hydraulic motors.

The Opera is about 1,350 kg (2,973 lbs.) and is available in three color schemes. It’s being sold in Europe and Australia for approximately €27,680 ($36,152) and the company is looking for more international sellers.

Photos courtesy of Opera/YSIN


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. It is beautiful. Nice lighted floor showing the way to the bathroom in the dark (I guess flashlights are a bit old-fashioned), a boiler for hot showers and wine storage even! A lot of nice amenities that one would find in a hotel, I mean a camping tent. LOL.
    In all sincerity it is quite beautiful, but I’d be afraid of getting it dirty. 😉

  2. Love the design elements, but strikes me too much of design gone amok. Who’s going to be the market for such a product? The pricepoint is all wrong for the typical camper and anyone who can afford to buy it won’t be camping.

    For me that’s a design failure.

  3. Wow, camping just became a little more appealing!

    Dear Hubby, Please purchase one of these campers. If you do, I promise to keep my complaining to a minimum. 🙂

  4. I like the styling of it. While it is more than I would spend, I am glad they are making them. Often products are made on the high end first, with high price tags, and then “trickle down,” so to speak, and become more affordable. Anyone making comfortable and beautiful small spaces are welcome by me.

  5. Looks great, the price is perfect for its European market. Camping is very different there. No wilderness to tent in like here. No national forests with unimproved sites. No large RV’s like here, mostly trailers and enters. The few RV’s are 2/3 size diesel class C’s on a downsized eurovan chassis. Remember that over there the Sprinter is a BIG vehicle and not very common. Most delivery and work trucks are 1/2 that size.

    • Hi Michael,
      have you ever been to Europe? Seems not. First, in Scandinavia you camp in the wilderness – last time I checked Scandinavia was still part of Europe. Second, 27.000€ for a trailer/tend is not a question of wilderness or not, it’s a question of having the money or not, and trust me, most European campers don’t have it. And last but not least: Who told you that Sprinters are rare in Europe – by the way, we invented the Sprinter – and who says that Europeans think Sprinters are big trucks? True, we don’t have street trains, our maximum load is 40t but that’s not the small Sprinter-half-size-truck you talk about.
      You’re welcome to visit us in Germany, by the way, isn’t it a German company which owns Freightliner….? Yezzz, I’m sooooo right.
      Whatever, that Opera trailer looks fucking good 🙂

  6. Well,

    this is a very nice design (although I you ask me, it’s a bit too much), I think if people here (in Netherlands, so Europe) would have that kind of money, they would spend it on a caraval, like most of us. But what do I know, I go camping with my bike and a 2 kg tent

  7. beautifully designed but could i imagine it in outback Australia?wouldnt stay white for very long….purely one for sealed roads and caravan parks…

  8. I really like this design (although when I first saw it I thought it was a mini mobile house not a camper). Out of my personal budget but I think this would sell in Canada. If I were in international sales in that company I would open dealerships in Vancouver, Edmonton and Huntsville.

  9. Costs more than my 1 bedroom house with a full lot property. No thanks, just live in my Honda wagon when the time comes and use gas stations to clean up.

  10. No wonder. Who’s going to spring for a $36K pop-up even if it is super cool? $5K maybe if I was feeling extravagant.

  11. Hi,Sir, Madam,

    I am interested in opera house mobile tent
    1 Please send Quation price,
    2 Is it possible, to costruct in concret moulding, If yes please send Architect plan drawing.What shall be the cost of plan drawing for 300sq feet or 500sq feet.
    3 can it be build as a 1st floor,and Ground floor level,floor.suitabe for hot country.
    4 Also tiny house size 300sq feet cocret block
    Thanks with Kind Regards Mr Mallam.

    • Sajed,

      I too am interested in the Opera House.

      How do we make contact with this company?

      Sajed, please stay in touch with me as your research continues. I too was looking at the posibility of expanding it. Have a great day.


  12. Drop the hydraulics (make it crankable instead), the wine cooler (!) and the folding BBQ, maybe make the toilet area a bit less upscale and add in an indoor shower instead, and drop the price point to ~10K, with different sizes and you’d make a killing on these. I’d live in one full time in someone’s back yard, better than homelessness. Did you check out their website, it’s oozing with luxury design images. Pity.

    • I bought the test-Opera from the designer in 2011. Best investment ever made. After 20 years of 5* hotels I wanted to go back camping in the open.
      The Opera was in a Beaufort 10 storm, and while a lot of caravans and tents were damaged, there was no problem at all.
      Our Opera has also heating, much appreciated by my wife in Spring and Autumn cold days. ( He, 60+)

      @ Amaya: at first I had a Volvo S80, Nowadays a Volvo XC70. Both are fine. You have to look in the mirror to be sure the Opera is still there 😉

      Although the Ysin-company stopped, the designer is still building some Opera’s. All Opera’s are build by hand you should know.

      PS there is no wine cooler, but a cabinet for a bottle of wine. Mine is used for a good whisky 😉

      In a few years i will have to sell my Opera. Let me know if you are interested (

  13. Great design! It seems to me that the most fascinating, genuinely creative,and profound thinking going on today, at least out in the public sector where we can all see it, always relates to business and entrepreneurial enterprise!


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