Idaho Bridge House

by Carla

In summer 2011, Carla, a gypsy engineer, found an unusual property at an online auction: a drainage ditch. Downtown Boise, none the less! Dimensions: 270 feet long – but only 15 feet wide. City Hall told her that she could build a shed, as long as the sides touching her neighbor’s property line would not exceed 7 feet and the overall size be under 200 square feet.

a covered bridge

No problem. Well, one problem: a 15 foot wide property with a drainage canal running through it for half a year does not have much dry land to build on.

The solution: build a bridge and put a small building on that. Two days and $500 later, this small house was built. It’s 7 feet wide, 7 feet high and 14.5 feet long.

tiny house interior

Since Carla only uses it infrequently, going there to paint a few times per year, some of its features had to be unusual, like a wide but high window that could be flipped up while nobody was there, securing the cabin – as it would be near impossible to enter when locked from within, due to its height over the water.

And yes, there is nothing better on a hot dry Boise summer day than sitting on your own front porch with your feet in the water.

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bridge with foundation

view from covered bridge

view of covered bridge