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It’s no secret to any of my friends or family that I love tiny houses. This very post from your Tiny House Blog is the one that took me from tiny house dreamer to small-living adventurer!

Months after entering Sylvan Sport’s Coolest. Contest. Ever. Adventure Contest! I opened up an email that began, “Hello Meghan, It is my pleasure to inform you”. That’s about as far I as got when recognition hit that my essay had actually been chosen. I began squealing in delight, much to the amazement and joy of the five sheltie puppies I was pet-sitting at the time.

Go tent and Meghan

That email arrived last August and the Swift Paws – GO With Me Tour is the result of all the planning and organization that followed. I’m in the final weeks of the Tour now, having completed six of my ten adventure events.

Here’s a description of the Tour in a nutshell: My red min-pin pup, Pretzel, and I have been camping our way (In the GO of course!) up the east coast of the US and into Canada. We’ve been on the road since March and have been stopping every weekend at one of 10 destination cities where we host a dog-charity benefitting lure-chasing event that the whole community can get involved in! We’ve had some amazing events, raised a good portion of our two great big charity goals, and enjoyed our fair share of outdoor adventures.

dog adventure

For me, the best part about the Tour is that I get to travel, camp, hike, bike, kayak, and enjoy nature with my pup all while visiting a new city and group of dog lovers each weekend. I’ve connected with a bunch of people in so many ways and on so many levels. While it’s tough to say goodbye to newfound friends, I always look forward to a few days of nothing but camping and nature, with no one but Pretzel for company in between adventure stops.

I’m writing this from Toronto, where the air’s still frosty but the vegetation is already green and beginning to flower. Today’s event is on my mind, as is tomorrow’s event in Rochester. I can say that living small holds a lot of value for me. There’s a kind of freedom I enjoy from traveling with the GO that I wouldn’t get from staying in motels. And yes, the contest is still going on! I’m one of three selected “finalists” in this contest. All three of us get to live out our dream adventures and after all is said and done one of us will win this fantastic camper.

If you’d like to follow the tour, you can subscribe to my Adventure Blog, like Swift Paws and Sylvan Sport on Facebook, or follow @Adv_Wolf on Twitter.

If you’re interested in the Sylvan Sport GO, I can tell you from experience that you’ll only fall farther in love with it every time you pop it up. It’s versatile, comfortable, and fits in with whatever you’re doing. Don’t hesitate, or even better, come out to one of my events and check it out in person!

Adventure on,
Meghan & Pretzel

Meghan and her dog

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Brandon - May 11, 2013 Reply

At the price of one of hose “Swift Paws?” No thanks. A 30 cent tennis ball with possibly a launcher will do.

    Meghan Wolfgram - May 13, 2013 Reply

    Hi Brandon,

    We realize that our current pricing is more geared towards commercial customers. We’re hard at work trying to come up with a true “home” version that could retail at a price that’s way below the commercial units!

    Also, we’d love to have you and your dog out at one of our events. You get 100% of the fun, the cost is usually just $10, and the events typically benefit a dog non-profit in some way.

    Take care,
    Meghan & Pretzel

    Joan Morse - May 13, 2013 Reply

    Meghan sets up the machine at our local park and for just $5, your dog gets to run and enjoy as well as socializing with other dogs. The Swift Paws machine is a quality product and this adventure has benefited many dog advocacy groups. I say More Power to Meghan and SwiftPaws and SylvanSport!!

Lauren - May 11, 2013 Reply

That’s fantastic! What a great experience!

Jessi - May 12, 2013 Reply

The video didn’t really showcase the camper. And she might not survive too many more adventures without a PFD while kayaking.

    Meghan Wolfgram - May 13, 2013 Reply

    Hi Jessi,

    Check out the adventure website and youtube channel to see lots more of the GO in action.

    No worries on the kayaking; Pretzel and I are both covered. He in his Ruffwear float coat and I in my PFD. We were paddling around in Tampa that day just for the shoot. Warm shallow water and a deadline made for, in hindsight, a hasty decision.

    You can bet we were fully geared-up in the frigid waters of PA, NY, and the like!

    Thanks for looking out,
    Meghan & Pretzel

Benjamin - May 12, 2013 Reply

That Pretzel is one photogenic pup!

Marie Davino - May 15, 2013 Reply

Meghan and Pretzel, you are really amazing … bringing joy and happiness to everyone you meet, dog and owners alike! Watching dogs chase the lure is incredibly fun, and the Swiftpaws machine is beautifully done. Meghan, you are brilliant and will excel in everything you do! Love the pics and video. Adventure on!!!

Eric - May 18, 2013 Reply

Just wondering why you chose the Durango to tow that ultralight camper? Almost any car can tow that, and quite a few of them would get you more than double the fuel economy. I’d wager my Golf TDi would triple it, since I get 22 towing a heavier hardside trailer now. Even a minivan would tow it and have more space than the Durango while giving about 30% better fuel economy. If the company provided the vehicle, I would question why they did it after designing just about the lightest, most towable trailer available.

    Meghan Wolfgram - May 19, 2013 Reply

    Hi Eric,

    The Dirango was sponsored by another company, and while I could easily tow the GO with any 4cylinder vehicle, this trip required the large car since I was carrying lots and lots of gear with me. The Dirango is being returned to its sponsor company when I get back to FL.

    Funny you mention the Volkswagen… I am in love with the new lineup of TDI clean diesels!

      Anton - August 1, 2013 Reply

      How does one get so many sponsors? Kinda seems like the contest was rigged from the start.

John Powell - May 18, 2013 Reply

Full disclosure here: I do photography for SylvanSport.

I lived in one of their campers for over 3 weeks last fall during a tour of Utah and Colorado.

There is no other utility trailer camper which comes close to the quality, versatility and durability. Almost all materials are sourced within the United States and the assembly and welding takes place in Brevard, NC.

Haul your boats, haul your bikes, haul your yard trash, haul your new fridge home. It does it all!

Brad - May 18, 2013 Reply

I never thought anyone would build a trailer to haul a tent … and make money at it. This is America, land of opportunity. Great job at marketing, Maghan and Pretzel.

Br. Anthony - May 18, 2013 Reply

Looks like a wonderful thing to do.
Be blessed on all of your travels.
Still ice on the ground here in Alaska

byron - June 28, 2013 Reply

my dream girl……

Tom - September 25, 2013 Reply

What’s Brandon worried about, isn’t mom and dad still paying for his health insurance? Great video,great concept,great dog and your personality and charm is refreshing, I am sure you will remember this trip for a long time!

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