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April 30, 2019

A Detailed Timeline of the History of Caravans

When you hear the word “caravan,” the first thing that pops up in your head is about all the fun times you had with your family and friends on road trips. It is the togetherness, the road, traveling, sights and the food, that makes a perfect family vacation and all that was missing until 1885, was a home-on-wheels. The history of caravans goes back to 1885, a century before most of us were born. The name of the first caravan ever to have been purchased was “The Wanderer,” which was rightfully named as it is said to have traveled about 1400 miles during the summer of 1885. Owned by Dr. William Gordon Stables, a medical doctor who was a popular writer of the Victorian era, the caravan was literally horse-powered as modern cars, which although were invented during the same time, were not manufactured for public use.

As motor vehicles became widely accepted after WWI, the first caravan or home-on-wheels was pulled by a car in the British town of Eccles in 1919. It became a popular activity to go camping by coupling a caravan to your car and since cars were more affordable than ever, it was not just for the elite anymore. The assembly line methods introduced by Henry Ford made cars more and more economical which gave rise to a complete revolution in transportation. It was the time when traveling by a private car became the prime mode of transport and traveling long distances by road became a trend.

Caravans have come a long way since then with the advancement in technology and modern manufacturing techniques. Modern caravans have plush beds, impeccable plumbing, electricity, entertainment and more. The history of caravans is a magnificent one for a carriage that does not have direct access to fuel itself. Maybe we will be able to see those soon as modern electric cars cannot pull caravans effectively.

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