Tortoise Shell Delivery - Part 2

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October 31, 2008

Tortoise Shell Delivery – Part 2

This is Part 2 of 2. If you missed Part 1 go here to read it.

We arrived deep in the heart of the redwoods and Bill immediately displayed his skill as an excellent driver by backing the tiny house down a steep grade, dodging trees and other obstacles, right into the exact position the very first try.

Bill explains a little about the community in the following paragraphs.

Bill moving the Tiny Tortoise Shell Home into position.

I am supplying little houses for a Buddhist compound (also programmers), which might be a model for other communities.

I am guessing they are all making six figure incomes, there are 10 people total, and one of their people admitted none of them could afford real estate in the area between San Jose and San Francisco by themselves. So they bought a piece of property, I am guessing 3 to 5 acres, with a nice size house. Several people were named on the mortgage. Then they purchased 8 mini homes (from Tortoise Shell Homes), which by design gives them a place to retreat to, for mediation, sleep, etc. They share the house as a work space (they in large part program out of their home), they share activities together, but they still have the privacy of getting away to their “tinies” as they have affectionately named them.

These homes have been modified to meet the requirements of this group of people. Usually a kitchen is part of the Tortoise Shell Home, but in this case most cooking and eating is done at the main house.

Two "Tinies"

Two "Tinies"

Oak floors, skylights, and modified exterior roofs to give it the Zen look are additions to the basic home. Each programmer has added his or her own personal touch to each home. Some with built in furniture, like the open closet below. Another, the unique shower and sink arrangement.

Completed "Tiny"

Completed "Tiny"

They have had a contractor raise the tiny houses up so that their disposal tank can fit under a porch and yet still be reached by the pump truck. Propane and electricity are used for the other appliances. This is a modern establishment and Internet connections and cell phones are the source of communication to the outside world.

Shelf Desk

Shelf Desk

These people are very private, but hopefully down the road they will open up and share with us how they moved through all the red tape to make this work for them. I’m sure there are many others out there who would like to start their own small community.

Loft and Skylights

Loft and Skylights

Exterior of Tiny

Exterior of Tiny

Shower and Sink

Shower and Sink

Sink and Bathroom Entrance

Sink and Bathroom Entrance

Open Closet and Ladder

Open Closet and Ladder

Work Desk

Work Desk

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Prosaic Paradise » Little Boxes - October 31, 2008 Reply

[…] “I am supplying little houses for a Buddhist compound (also programmers), which might be a mod… […]

Kim - October 31, 2008 Reply

What an inspiration. Thanks for sharing that with us!

Tortoise Shell Delivery - Part 1 - October 31, 2008 Reply

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Content in a Cottage - October 31, 2008 Reply

These are great.
Let’s start a Blogging Village somewhere nice.
Maybe in Canada if McCain gets elected!

Mary - October 31, 2008 Reply

Ah, good to see part 2 is up! Thanks for the interior photos—it’s always interesting (and helpful) to see how others use their space. Never know where you might see an idea that would work well in one’s own plans.

And it’s just plain fun to see what folks do with them.

Daniel - November 1, 2008 Reply

I remember seeing something about this group of people. It’s nice to see how it’s all put together. Not a bad idea for common community areas and one’s own personal retreat.

Christina Nellemann - November 3, 2008 Reply

Very nice post, Kent. I like to see the transportation of these small homes. I also prefer the tiny loft homes to have skylights. It really opens them up.

James Henry - November 9, 2008 Reply

Hi. Perhaps the photo angles just don’t show it, but I don’t see a kitchen, shower, and bathroom in the SINGRV or mini-home. I don’t see how it could be called a RV or mini-home without those essentials, so can anyone confirm they are there?

Kent - November 9, 2008 Reply

Hi Jim,

As far as I know, you are getting a basic box and you have to add those functions to the Sing RV. I’ll check with them for sure and see, but I am fairly certain on that.


David - January 13, 2010 Reply

Awesome! That’s exactly what I’D like to do… start a tiny home community. I wonder how they got around the red tape…?

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