Tiny House Living Issue #6

Michael Janzen’s current issue of Tiny House Living is hot off the press. This week’s issue of Tiny House Living features the tiny houses at Real Goods, recent news stories from the Small House Society and a video by SHS co-founder Gregory Johnson. Also included is news of Jay Shafer’s newest Tumbleweed Tiny House, the one he’ll take on his coast to coast trip beginning in late May.


The Scrap House being built a small group of students building a tiny house from free materials because their school budget got slashed. Also see two projects right at the beginning, Project Rolling Freedom and You’re going to build what??? To read the the current issue visit Tiny House Living. To get a copy in your email inbox or RSS reader every Wednesday morning just Subscribe.

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SM - May 13, 2009 Reply

Great story on Jay Shafer here:


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