Off Grid Solar System

Walt Barrett from China Depot and the Micro-House builder featured in a previous post is now offering off the grid electric systems designed just for tiny houses.

There are three different packages that range from a 10 watt system, a 20 watt system and a 40 watt system. They range in price from $100 to $275 for a package.

Walt Barrett is offering real low prices to help people get started using solar in their new micro/tiny homes. I have a few pictures here showing you the different packages. Custom sizes are also available.

You can get all the technical information on the China Depot website.

Photo Credit: China Depot (sorry low quality images)





China Depot is also offering a new set of plans for $99.95 on  CD ROM. The full set contains every last detail including all saw cuts, angles, and a complete bill of materials.  The math is all done for the DIY guys and they will save the $99.95 cost in lumber wasting mistakes.  They are also reducing the 8 x 16 plans on CD ROM to $99.95 also. A couple of sample shots of the plan are shown below. You can order the plans at China Depot if interested.



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Grant Wagner - May 22, 2009 Reply

I know it’s a little late to comment on this, but I was double checking these prices when I thought they were a little high.

For something a little more cost effective, check out this kit from Harbor Freight. Not only is this more cost effective, but it is often less if you have local brink and mortar store. Plus you can often find 25% off coupons for one item if you look hard enough.

Compared to the kits listed above, they lack the battery, but have all the other useful features.

Dera Duplessis - June 30, 2009 Reply

I am interested in the Katrina House and or house on wheels. I need for it to be able to handle at least 150 mph winds, I also want it to be solar access and I would like to put it in Boothville,La.70038.

I can be contacted at 504-931-0163.

Thank You.

Christie - October 28, 2010 Reply

I love the solar power idea! I am just delving into the whole micro-home concept. Now…what about plumbing?

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