Tiny House Living #13

Last night Michael Janzen published the latest issue of Tiny House Living which is his weekly online newsletter that covers the growing world of tiny houses. Here are a few snippets from this week’s issue:

The sheddies in the UK are extremely serious about their sheds. Shed Week 2009 begins July 6, 2009 so be sure to keep any eye on the shedblog.co.uk… finalists for Shed of the Year have just been announced.


Architect Gregory Smith send this photo into Tiny House Blog for Kent’s regular Tiny House in a Landscape feature. It’s a historic weekend cabin near the edge of a river in Cisco Grove, California

Ryan also just launched a tiny house blog and forum in addition to setting up this very novel map that allows everyone in the greater simple living community to add themselves… Please add yourself to the map.

Take a look at this week’s edition of Tiny House Living.

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