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The Benefits of Creating a Practical Tiny Home Office

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The past two years have been challenging if you live and work in a tiny home. At some point, you’ve probably made an office desk of every table and countertop and may have briefly lost the plot trying to keep work documents separate from your personal possessions.

However, a recent Gallup poll shows that around 45% of all full-time employees in America now work from home at least one day per week, and that number is as high as 67% for those who are working in white-collar professions.

The trend towards remote work may lead you to believe that you need to upsize to fit a home office into your home. But, in reality, tiny houses can be the perfect venue for a practical home office. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to creating a practical tiny home office — here are a few of the big ones.

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Career Advancement

Everyone wants a raise, recognition, or promotion at work. But the corporate culture of today is competitive, and you may find that your productivity is hampered if you’re working from an uncomfortable kitchen counter or tabletop. This is a serious issue, as managers want to promote and praise employees who can take on more responsibility than their peers.

You can increase your work capacity and expand your professional role by creating a home office environment that gives you the flexibility to meet demands and puts forward a professional appearance when you’re on remote calls.

The easiest way to create a practical tiny home office that supports your career advancement is to move beyond makeshift home offices and create a permanent or semi-permanent tiny home office.

Start by locating your tiny home office in an area that gets plenty of natural light so you’re front-lit during calls. You should also ensure this space is near your router, so you can connect to the internet via an ethernet cable for more reliable speed and internet access. Finally, make sure that your home office is fully supplied with anything that you may need during the workday — you can’t afford to scramble for paper or printer ink when your boss is asking for work to be delivered on a tight deadline.

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Minimalism For Mental Health

Increasing your work capacity doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on style choices and interior design — remember your home office is just a part of your home and shouldn’t take up more than a modest amount of floor space.

Opting for minimalist interior styles gives you a chance to create an efficient workspace that doesn’t compromise your overall tiny home aesthetic. Minimalism can also help you reduce stress, as your home office will serve its function without ever feeling cluttered or messy. This means you spend less time cleaning and may even gain a sense of freedom without material objects that you feel responsible for.

Minimalist design usually incorporates light tones like cream, pastels, or white paint and requires you to utilize understated storage options that maximize your use of space. But, before you start throwing out keyboards and PC screens, try out life as a remote employee for a while first. This will give you a better indication of what can stay and what can go when it comes time to start culling your less-than-necessary collection of teacups.

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Mobile Offices and Remote Work

You probably chose to live in a tiny home for greater freedom, lower bills, and less stress. If the idea of cramming a home office into the space you’ve created sounds like increased stress, then maybe you should consider a mobile home office, instead.

There are plenty of designers today who create bespoke tiny mobile offices that match your current design plans but give you a separate space outside of your tiny home for work. Some of these tiny mobile offices come rather unfinished and give you the potential to establish your own interior design ideas, while others are far more finished and are furnished with everything from bookcases to standing desks.

When creating a mobile office, bear in mind that you might want to travel and work with the office in tow on the road. If this sounds like fun, then you’ll need to plan ahead and ensure that everything is securely fastened while you drive. You may also want to incorporate some flexibility into your mobile office space, as mobile offices can help propel side hustles like photography or videography if you double the space as an at-home studio as well as a home office.

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A home office is a practical, career-advancing addition to your tiny home. Practical tiny home offices should be at least semi-permanent fixtures that make great use of your storage and help you keep your professional life separate from your personal life. To get the most out of your tiny home office, consider opting for a minimalist design style or a mobile home office and make design choices that help you avoid temptation and stay on track during a busy workday.

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