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5 Best Tiny Mobile Offices

Working from home is more popular and necessary than ever before. Even well-known corporations are dumping their large offices and sending their employees home or into “satellite” or “pod” offices in smaller buildings. This shift of traditional work life can also be accomplished for a traditional home or even a tiny or small home.

Tiny mobile workspaces are becoming more popular than ever.

Tiny, mobile offices are usually a basic model of a larger tiny house manufacturer. They are basically a bare-bones structures that can fit a desk, some office equipment, and have electrical hookups. These types of structures give work-from-home parents a break from children or creative types the space they need to create.

They also don’t necessarily need to be an office.

Minim Workspace

Here are five tiny mobile offices that can be used in a variety of ways, no matter what type of work you do.

1. Minim Workspace

The Minim House by Brian Levy has been in the tiny house circles for some time now. Levy is now teaming up with David Bamford and Chris VanArsdale to create the Minim Workspace. These mobile, licensed 8.6’x12’ trailers are available for lease or purchase to be used for private mobile offices or studios. They only take up the size of a parking space and can be towed to any legal location.

2. Far Out Tiny Homes Mobile Office

The Mobile Office is designed and built by Far Out Tiny Homes of Boulder City, Nevada. This office starts at $25,000 and can be customized for any business needs. The design above was built a mobile photography studio.

3. Fox Sheds Mobile Office

Fox Sheds in Lititz, Pennsylvania is a family owned business that has been building sheds for over 22 years. Many of their sheds can be placed onto a trailer for use as a mobile office. They offer both wood-sided and vinyl sided sheds.

4. Don Vardo by PAD Tiny Houses

From one of the first tiny home builders, Katy Anderson of PAD Tiny Houses, comes the Don Vardo. This little wagon can be used for anything from a camping trailer to a guest house. It also makes a great mobile office. The 56 square foot version is built on a 10-foot trailer and includes an exterior porch for mini coffee breaks. The 88 square foot version is built on a 12-foot trailer with an outdoor shower.

5. Studio Trailers by Bear Creek

Studio Trailers by Bear Creek builds several different styles and sizes of their mobile offices. Each office is built on a steel trailer with 2×4 framing and metal roofing. The buildings have recessed lighting, Thermopane windows, and electric heating and AC. The sizes include 8.6’x12’ and 8.6’x18’ and range from around $20,000 to $24,000. Choose from Modern, Rustic or Craftsman.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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