Small Houses For Sale In Texas


Everything is bigger in Texas… But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Check out these beautiful tiny houses currently available for sale in the Lone Star State:

Dove Creek:

Square feet: 292
Location: San Angelo
Price: $5500

This one bedroom tiny home with a loft is located in my hometown: San Angelo! (For the best fried catfish and barbeque anywhere in the state, check out Packsaddle on Knickerbocker…)

The house needs a little finishing work, but it’s priced to sell, and should serve as the perfect starter home for someone looking to live out west.

While San Angelo will always have a special place in my heart, I found the tiny house lifestyle of my dreams at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, because I wanted to strive in my lifetime to live as sustainably as possible. You’re welcome to pay us a visit and check out more than a dozen tiny homes all in the same village, each unique and with different features to learn about.

The Blue Gambrel Farmhouse:

Square feet: 200
Location: Luling
Price: $45,000

If you’re passionate about history and recycling, the vintage lumber used in this home will warm your heart. It has a door made of 160-year-old pine, and most of the wood use in its construction is reclaimed from old homesteads around central Texas. It’s wired for electric and plumbed for standard water use and even has a lovely sleeping loft. (Make sure to check out the video about the house.)

Old School Old West:

Square feet: 240
Location: Medina
Price: $25,000

Do you miss Billy the Kid? The times that he had, the life that he lived… (If you know the rest of the song, you definitely belong in Texas!)

This tiny house will transport you back to the pioneer days with a claw foot tub, hundred-year-old toilet, and a rustic juniper plank exterior.

Teardrop of Joy:

Square feet: 45
Location: Austin (or anywhere else)
Price: $8000

If you suspect wanderlust may pull you back to the road, this teardrop trailer house could be right little home for you. It’s brand new, and even comes with a solar panel to power your electronics.

Vickie the Victorian Cottage:

Square feet: 240
Location: Luling
Price: $54,500

Turned wooden posts, cypress sheathing and patchwork bead-board are the earmarks of the Victorian aesthetic with this tiny house made of reclaimed, vintage lumber. It’s a bit too tall to be shipped very far, so the home is perfect for someone who wants to make sure this artifact of Texan heritage stays close to home.

The City Slicker:

Square feet: 400
Location: Austin
Price: $97,600

If you’re looking to combine the tiny house lifestyle with the big city highlife, this little house could bring you the best of both worlds. It stands just 25 minutes from downtown Austin, with a fenced lot and two-car carport.

Tumbleweed Cypress:

Square feet: 160
Location: Round Rock
Price: $34,500

Unless you’ve been living with your head buried in the sand for the last few years, you’ve heard of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. This is one of their Cypress models, currently available in Round Rock, Texas. It’s on wheels, of course, and comes with all the prestige of a Tumbleweed.

Liberty Hill:

Square feet: 260
Location: Austin
Price: $14,500

They say Austin is weird – and it’s true – but there’s nothing strange about this gorgeous tiny house. The home has been recently refurbished and outfitted with some snazzy attributes, like a tile floor, new drywall and a beautifully finished exterior.

Camping for Cheap:

Square feet: 32
Location: Cedar Park
Price: $2500

Camping has never been easier, or cheaper, than with this brand new little sleeper-trailer – you can camp in comfort too, with an air conditioner and memory foam mattress. A whimsical exterior design makes it perfect for the youngsters you love the most.

Diamond in the Rough:

Square feet: 210
Location: Austin
Price: $11,500

If you want to customize your own interior finish, then this one might be ideal for your situation. The shell is solid new construction, and it’s on wheels, so you can take it with you when your adventures lead you to greener pastures.

Tiny Farmhouse in the Hill Country:

Square feet: 112
Location: Stephenville
Price: $6500

Brand new and complete with its own kitchen, this little home could be your base in the country with easy access to some of the major population centers of the state within a few hours’ drive.

Self-Sufficient and on the Move:

Square feet: 70
Location: Austin (or anywhere)
Price: $19,000

If you want to live both off the grid and off the beaten path, this tiny house could be right up your alley. You’ll have a solar array to power your gear, a rain catchment system, and you’ll save indoor space with a sleeping loft. The whole thing is outfitted to be used like a standard RV.

The Steel Phantom:

Square feet: 120
Location: Austin
Price: $69,900

With this custom steel tiny house on wheels, you can rest assured that you will meet Department of Transportation standards for road travel. It’s wired with a solar array, has a tankless water heater already installed, and even a washer and dryer. You’ll also have your own full kitchen and bathroom! How many houses can boast that, in the confines of 120 square feet?

Deep Discount:

Square feet: 200
Location: Austin
Price: $18,000

Want a $36,000 house for half the price? Here you go! This house is for sale at a deep discount because of some cosmetic damage to the exterior, though the house itself is still whole and functional. (Looking at the pictures, I can’t even tell you what the damage is…)

The Family Special:

Square feet: 904
Location: Conroe
Price: $75,000

If you need a tiny house big enough to keep a family together, then this gorgeous little home in Conroe, Texas could do just the trick. It’s beautifully finished, and comes outfitted with a full kitchen and bathroom. The kids will also have two acres of land to play on.

None of these houses strike your fancy? Worry not! The Lone Star state is packed with tiny house builders who are prepared to make your dreams come true. Here are the top two:

Texas Tiny Homes:

Looking for a custom work of art, built from the blueprint up? Then Texas Tiny Homes could prove the right partnership for you. They have a variety of plans you can choose from to tweak and make your own, or you can contact them for a consultation to determine what layout is best for your needs.

Tiny Texas Houses:

These guys started the rubble to riches renaissance in central Texas. Their mission is to salvage the heritage of Texan pioneers by turning reclaimed lumber into modern tiny homes that will stand for centuries to come. They also offer superb workshops for folks looking to build a home themselves.

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how cool is this

    paula - November 7, 2016 Reply

    So cute!!!

Lindsay Waller - February 3, 2017 Reply

I have a tiny home for sale in East Texas. Do you do listings or do you only list houses you have personally for sale? Thanks!

    Kent Griswold - February 5, 2017 Reply

    For listings please go to Tiny House Listings

    B A Landers - May 24, 2017 Reply

    Do you have photos of house? What are the specifics as to size, insulation, etc? Price? Where is it located?

L.J. - February 13, 2017 Reply

I am shopping for a portable tiny home to live in Alvin, TX.
Must have washer and dryer connections!

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