Hobbits, Hawaii and Living Richly with Tiny House Builder Kristie Wolfe

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This week Tiny House Podcast features sn extra crazy episode this week. Kristie Wolfe is on fire to explore all expressions of Tiny Houses. Beginning with her first tiny house in Idaho, she then built a Tiny Tree House in Hawaii even Thurston Howell, III  would love. Next Kristie built a Hobbit Hole in Washington State. Happy with that work, she now plans to build an entire Hobbit community in the same location. An entrepreneur, proud Idahoan, and quite the builder, Kristie began her life poor with six siblings. Today, she’s living richly. Her income from her Tiny House enterprises are all she needs for a comfortable living she loves. Remember to check out the show notes for pictures, links and more!

Click here for all the details and more photos.

Kristie Wolfe

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