Sheldon Designs Sale!
October 20, 2008

Sheldon Designs Sale!

*** Update ***
I have added some pictures of completed Sheldon Designs plans below.

I am a big fan of Andy Sheldon of Sheldon Designs, Inc. and he is offering a 72 hour sale of 67% OFF every plan in his catalog. I wanted to make sure you knew about this and if you have been waiting to buy a set of his plans NOW is the time.

Saphire Cabin

The sale ends Thursday October 23, 2008 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. You can download a catalog of all Andy Sheldon’s designs at

To get the special 67% use discount coupon code: 72HOUR.

Peter Sloan's Bunk House (Modified Wilderness 1)

Peter Sloan's Bunk House (Modified Wilderness Cabin 1)

Wilderness One

Wilderness Cabin 1

Wilderness Cabin II (Log Cabin)

Wilderness Cabin II (Log Cabin)

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Diana - October 21, 2008 Reply

I have been looking, longingly at Sheldon designs for years. I would be very interested in seeing any photos of cabins folks have made from their plans. Thanks

Kent - October 21, 2008 Reply

I have put in a request with Andy to see if he has any. If so I will add pictures to this post.


Christina Nellemann - October 21, 2008 Reply

Oh! The house with the round window is delightful! I would love to see the interior.

Kent - October 21, 2008 Reply

Hi Christina – I’m seeing if I can track some more pictures down on that one. I think it is cool as well!

Diana - October 28, 2008 Reply

thank you so much for your quick response, and the addition of these pictures. I would also love to see some interior shots.
The floor plans are just great, and on paper look so comfortable.

Bryan - October 29, 2008 Reply

I’ve been a fan of his designs for a while. I finally got the Micro
Cottage plan I’ve always dreamed about. I recently found a webpage with pictures of a completed Micro Cottage. It makes me want to build one even more.

Kent - October 29, 2008 Reply

Wow, Brian thanks for sharing those pictures and article! I think that is worthy of a post. I’ll look more into it shortly.

William Wurthmann - June 2, 2012 Reply

HAPPY 5th year!!!!!!!!!

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