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The Small Cabin

Alexander of the Small Cabin website has created a nice little community of cabin lovers and builders. His tiny cabin in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada is the quintessential getaway. It is efficient and utilizes the outdoors as much as possible. The cabin is 8×12 feet with large windows for extra light. The total cost of the cabin came to around $1,200 and took about two weeks to build.

Alexander goes over the step-by step process of building your own tiny cabin in a remote area.

Alexander's Small Cabin

He discusses electrical issues and being off the grid. He talks about how to keep down your building costs as well as how to protect items in your cabin from the outdoors. Alexander also brings up good points about site selection, planning, water issues, street or highway noise and how to run power tools without conventional utility hookups.

The Small Cabin interior

The Small Cabin interior

The website also includes a discussion forum frequented by cabin builders and dreamers. On the forum, I came across the blog of Wayne and Margy Lutz who live most of their time in a floating cabin in coastal B.C.

If a tiny house is still your dream home but you are only able to live in it part time, this website contains a helpful bit of information if you want to build your own little retreat away the everyday world.

By Christina Nellemann

The Lutz's Floating Cabin

The Lutz's Floating Cabin

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Speedmaster - October 20, 2008 Reply

I LOVE the floating cabin.

Stephanie - October 20, 2008 Reply

Me, too! I love that floating cabin! One of these days, I just might roll my Tumbleweed Tiny House onto a a setup like that!

heri - October 21, 2008 Reply


gorgeous little floating cabin

thanks! what about a dedicated post about the floating cabin?

Kent - October 21, 2008 Reply

Look for a post on the floating cabin later today.

Mary - October 21, 2008 Reply

I love the floating cabin also—Margy’s blog is a great find.

But I like Alexander’s cabin also. At $1200, can’t beat the price, and a lot of helpful info on his blog, also. Nice woods to tromp around in nearby—looks good to me.

Dave - October 12, 2011 Reply

Cabins are so rewarding! Once you get involved, it is very addictive. I love the floating cabin; what a unique idea. It’s good to know I’m not alone in my obsession with building a cabin.

Log Cabin Republicans - December 10, 2011 Reply

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Lou - January 24, 2013 Reply

This will be useful for cabins.

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See the amazing video at the following link.

KASTORMAG: - March 30, 2013 Reply

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