Small Houses and Quirky Homes

Taken from an article called America at Home posted on Yahoo News. Read and view several more unique homes here. (by Judy Griesedieck/America at Home)

Thank you Christina from Feline Design for sharing this with the Tiny House Blog.


Grand Marais, Minnesota: Julie Keane lives in a tiny shack on the property of her ex-husband near the Canadian border. It’s her workshop (for basket weaving) and residence while she constructs an octagon-shaped log cabin nearby. With her help, Keane hopes to finish in time for her and their two daughters, Meadow and Cedar Adams, 13 and 11, to move in for Christmas.


Winona, Minnesota: Artist Chris Parnell has lived for 23 years in a series of floating houses in the middle of the Mississippi River. Parnell owns three houseboats — one for living, one for storage, and one for the studio in which he paints and weaves. He keeps a few chickens and grows food in pots on the docks that connect the houses. But while he may have no electricity or running water, he does own a cell phone.



Hailey, Idaho: Chilean herder Pedro Abarzua’s wife and two children still live in Chile, but for nine often lonely months of the year, Abarzua lives in a tiny hut on wheels in the mountains of Idaho, tending sheep for Faulkner Ranches. His only other human contact comes from fellow herder Aliro Osorio and occasional visits from the ranch foreman.

Olympia, Washington: Dee Williams wanted a simpler, greener life — so she built her dream house, an 84-square-foot cottage on wheels, which is currently parked in a friend’s backyard. Not only did she save money using salvaged materials (the front door came from a dumpster, for instance), but the entire house is small enough to fit into a standard parking spot. Says Williams, ‘Right now, there’s nowhere else I want to be.’


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7 thoughts on “Small Houses and Quirky Homes”

  1. Have seen so much lately on small homes.
    My wife and I and our rather large dog have been living really comfortably in a 64 sq ft
    solar home for the past four years. I would love to get a picture posted with all the others I see.
    Could you give me a little guidance on how or where I can upload a picture?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I have sent you an email to send your picture to. Please include more information about your life and home.

    Anyone else who has a story to tell and pictures please use the contact form above to get in contact with me.

    Thank you.


  3. Kent, great work on the site. I’ve been following it now for some time now and it has served as an inspiration and catylyst for ideas of my own. Hats off to you and the many individuals here who are blazing thier own path and living thier dreams…

    I hope soon to share my story as well!


  4. I have really enjoyed seeing all the ways you can live in small spaces earlyer this year I lost everything am having to start over I will be converting a 12 x 32 shed into my house it will have two lofts one will be 8 ft, the other 12 ft super excited because when everything is said and done you dont need alot of space you need somewhere you feel safe and warm I am so thankful for GOD and family and freinds because with those three things every thing else is posible


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