Off-the-Grid Tiny Home Living: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Maintaining a tiny home is one thing. Maintenance on an off-the-grid tiny home is a whole other challenge. However, the adventures that await you and your tiny home are worth the hard work. But going off the grid is a big decision, and there are definitely some precautions you need to take to ensure smooth sailing. In order to stay safe and enjoy everything that tiny home living has to offer, take the time to learn and follow some of these helpful tips and tricks:

First Things First

Going off grid in a tiny home requires a special kind of planning and organization. While one of the benefits of tiny home living is certainly having fewer things to maintain, it also means you have to maintain what you do have as you’ll likely not have a backup. With that in mind, organization should be your first priority.

As experts at Life Storage recommend, creating a weekly organization plan can help you stay on top of those essential home checkups, repairs, and cleanings. It can be overwhelming, but laying out all your off-the-grid responsibilities on paper can relieve some of that stress. After a while you might find that those maintenance necessities become second nature and you’ll be able to do them in your sleep, but until then it doesn’t hurt to invest in a planner.  

Staying Warm (and Safe!)

Heating (and cooling) is a necessity and should be on your top priority list. Luckily, there are various ways to heat your off the grid tiny home, and even better, having a tiny home means less space to heat, which makes the job a little bit easier. Historically fire has been the preferred, affordable choice for off-the-grid living, however, learning how to maintain your fireplace is going to be crucial to avoid accidents.

Today, there are several types of fireplaces including, gas, electric, and of course, traditional wood burning. Whatever one you decide on for your tiny home, take the time to research how to care for your fireplace. For example, electric fireplaces are cleaner burning and tend to be safer than their wood-burning sibling. However, household pets and rodents can chew through the wiring and components, creating a fire hazard. For wood-burning fireplaces, keeping the firebox cleaned and seals well maintained, as well as keeping the chimney clear of creosote and debris, is crucial to keep you and your tiny home safe.  

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Taking Care of Fido

Speaking of pets, going off grid in your tiny home can be made even more enjoyable with the companionship of your dog, cat, or even hamster. However, their needs can be a little tricker to tend to when you’re off the grid. With that in mind, before starting your tiny home adventure with your furry friend make sure you have all the necessary supplies and emergency strategies.

Going off grid can often take you far away from a veterinary clinic. As some experts recommend in order to keep your pets safe, no matter what time of year, it’s essential to:

    • Pack a pet first-aid kit. You’ll want to make sure it includes bandages, emergency water, sunscreen, ice packs, ointments, a tick removal tool, and some paw coverings.
    • Learn CPR for your pet. You’ll never know when your pet might choke on something, and CPR is different for animals than humans. Hospitals, vets, and and other community centers regularly teach animal CPR, so getting certified before going off the grid is a smart idea.

Consider pet insurance. Sometimes emergencies are unavoidable, especially if your tiny home is hidden away within the wilderness. You never know when an encounter with wildlife or poison ivy might happen, so pet insurance can give you some peace of mind in case you do ever have to travel in-town for something bigger than a splinter.

With enough motivation and creativity, you can create a tiny home paradise while also living off the grid. Whether you want to commit fully to living off the grid (kudos to you), or want to gradually work your way up to it, it’s a great way to disconnect from overwhelming societal pressures and reconnect with Mother Nature. Furthermore, you’re doing your part to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, which is essential for the health of our planet. Good luck!

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